~10/25/2019 and 11/1/2019 ~ Round 66 & 67 ~ Winners of a a total 21 #Steembasicincome Shares ~ Plus each winner gets a Personalized Food Fight Friday Belt Gif


Come One, Come All...

Even though you have already came and left...
come back again would ya?


This double up week scrambled my eggs!! With a total of 21 Steem Basic Income Shares up for grabs, the Coolest Kitchen on the blockchain has turned into a gosh darn war zone!!
Just don't wipe your eyes after handling an onion is the only advice I have. Sorry you are gonna have to fend for yourselves in the Food Fight Friday Arena

Welcome My Fellow Food Lovin' Food Flingers
To the Place We food lovers like to call
The Coolest Kitchen on the Blockchain...
As If you didn't already know

Me... Well I am @foodfightfriday,
You Know the The Head Cheese of this wild Kitchen...
yet we don't really like to call it a kitchen more like the...
The Food Fight Friday Arena

I'm here today bringing you the slowly simmered to perfection, slightly grilled winners of Rounds 66 & 67
Yes, 2 Rounds in 1, because that weird thing called life got in the way of this food flingin' madness
So let's see if we can make our way through this disaster everyone made without taking a muffin to the face
or a Steak to the groin
Holy Mozzarella Cheese...
You guys are out of control!!
Just the way we like it!!

This Food Fight Friday Arena ain't no joke yoke. All of your Food Fight Friday featuring posts are the finest out there. I do have to say that you Food Lovin' folks know how to have fun and get your grub on
I mean honestly, Have you seen the these entries lately??
I'm Baked.. Well maybe Just Half Baked..
Holy Moly Guacamole!!
Over the past 67 weeks I have added a few crescent rolls around my wait line, thanks to you Egg Beatin' Doughnut Tossers!!
Now I am gonna have to go on Jenny Craig or some sort of starvation style diet where all I can eat or drink is water and ice cubes... rant over...

Enough of this finger lickin''
You Food Flingers
Here is the People's Choice Champs
Rounds 66 & 67
of this
Food Fight Friday
10/25/2019 & 11/1/2019

With a Delicious performance....
Wait Wait!! Hold Up!!
I have some math to do....
We have a 2-way tie for 1st and a 3-way tie for 2nd
There is a total of 21 SBI up for grabs....

Here are the 2 - 1st Place Winners
and each will be Gobbling down a Prize of 6 SBI


🥐🥖Basic Homemade Bread - Baking Again 👩🏼‍🍳☕

psst...click the image
Here is your Belt



~SPUD7 + FFF = Ribs Anyone? ~ Splatts Style Ribs Done Just Right ~ Recipe inside ~ fff

psst...click the image
Here is Your Belt


Now onto the 3-way tie for 2nd place...
Hang on I need to head over to the oven and get a few more belts baked to perfection
Not only are you guys draining my wallet but running up my utilities bill DANG

Okay The 3 - 2nd Place Winners
will be chugging down 3 SBI each
and they are...


psst...click the image
Here is your Belt


Dinner With the Birds | It's a Chayote Fry-day!

psst...click the image
Here is your Belt



Flippin Fabulous Seedy Scones

psst...click the image
Here is your Belt


Congratulations to all of you
for being the
People's Champs
Rounds 66 & 67
Of The sloppiest day of the
Food Fight Friday

Winner Winner
Chicken Dinner
Keep an eye out I will be sending over 6 SBI Shares to the 1 st place Winners and 3 SBI shares to the 2nd Place winners
As soon as I figure out how this can opener works

Thanks again to everyone for participating and voting
You are what keeps this Food Flingin' madness goin'

Congratulations from all of us here
WW thumbs up gif.gif
Stay tuned for the Contender Post
Round 68
Who knows what is going to happen, you will just have to stick around
the Coolest Kitchen on the Blockchain and see for yourself


What?!?! You haven't heard of Food Fight Friday?
Well, let me just tell you a little something about it
Every Friday Us Wild Food Fight Friday Food Flingin' Fanatics
Create a food related post
Anything Food related is worthy of using the #fff tag
Just Post it up on Friday using the #FFF tag
That is if you think you can handle a Food Fight of this magnitude
So, make sure to use it as the first tag, you know FFF... this makes it much easier for @foodfightfriday to create the contender post where anybody and everybody can vote on their favorite post.
Each week the contenders are
Given an Ice Cold Beer Token
and thrown into
The Food Fight Friday Arena to fend for themselves
for a chance to win 3 Steem Basic Income Shares
or whatever the Food Fight Friday Gang Feels
Like Dishing out

Dont you dare try and self-vote or the Fish-Slaps will be unleashed
You have all week to put something together so..
If you love Food
and want a chance to win some Steem, SBD, or Steem Basic Income Shares
Start Using the #fff tag on your food related post,
Post it up on Food Fight Fridays

Friday only!!!

and me along with my
Food Flingin' entourage
will give you some tasty upvotes and resteems
Can't wait to see you next
Food Fight Friday

A Special thanks to those Food Lovin' Folks who are providing @foodfightfriday with delegations:
@jlsplatts~500 SP
@weirdheadaches~84 SP
@protegeaa~100 SP
@dandays~100 SP
@shaidon~50 SP
@braaiboy~25 SP
@puravidaville~25 SP
Let's not forget those tasty donations of SBD/Steem that keep the prize pool simmering just right so we can keep these fun contests going:
@lizzyib~3 SBD
@puravidaville~3 SBD & 5 Steem
@dandays~15 SBD & 29 Steem
@weirdheadaches~23.744 SBD & 15 Steem
@thebigsweed~25 Steem & 10 SBD
@jlsplatts~25 SBD & 105.868 Steem
Don't be stingy
To help Keep Food Fight Fridays Alive!
That is what all the cool kids are doing these days
cool kid.gif
stay cool
Join us for some off the Chain Fun
Food Fight Friday is now on

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Hey @skullangs, @jlsplatts, @farm-mom, @lizelle, and @birdsinparadise
Here is Your Dessert

Now you can have your cake and eat it too
cake smash.gif


Thanks so much !~!~!


Thank you kindly dear sirs:):)

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@lizelle. Well, hello there! Fancy meeting you here. I'm here to remind you to join us this Friday. I know, I know, you already planned on it, I know. But... just in case.

We got some really good news just now, I'll fill everyone in on the details before the new contender post is released. Gonna need you to trust me on this one. 👍🏿 But we're gonna need as many food fighters as possible to come compete this Friday. If you have or haven't thought about it already, we could use your attendance, the kitchen is about to get super exciting—ooh wee!

Thank you, @lizelle.


Aha you have my attention kind sir! This does sound exciting, will make sure the plan is actioned this Friday and I don't get caught with my pants off so to say, would be totally scandalous letting the #fff gang down;);) Thank you @dandays:)


Even got Pura coming to the reunion. :sh: 🤫 Ser you Friday, Lizelle, I knew I could count on you.

Congratulations my Fellow Food Flingin' Fanatics. Thanks for the continued support of the Coolest kitchen on the blockchain

Ya’all look pretty good in them belts.