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Tonight i made some seasoned baked pork chops, some white rice and some mixed vegetables.

Im excited to eventually have some of these veggies from my garden. Everything has sprouted here on the 8 day mark and i can expect a harvest between 50 and 80 days depending on the crop.

The pork chops were baked @ 400* for around 22 minutes. They were seasoned with seasoned salt, garlic granules, black pepper, and some smoked paprika. They came out just perfectly done and juices. As some of you may know pork chops can be tricky to cook without being to dry. I am really missing my grill and need to get some charcoal and propane Soon.

The rice was plainly cooked w some butter and Himalayan salt. Veggies were steamed and lightly salted.

A well rounded yummy enjoyable dinner,mmmm mmmm. Injoy


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I can’t believe nobody has mentioned anything about your title. Eh, I’ll never ever ever ever ever ever say anyone stands a chance covering a Lynyrd Skynyrd track ever ever ever ever. Except for....

One time.

I won’t say it’s better, never ever. Plus all of the other ever’s I’ve already listed. But if someone tells me This Version of Simple Man by Shinedown is better than the original, I won’t argue with’em dude.

Great title! Such a good title, it took me this long to realize you gave us quite a bit of a back story this week.
Great contender... I mean title, and contender. Happy Friday.


Oh Shoot, my dude! I would never ever ever ever ever say that either but the little guys standing on my shoulders just did, hahaha. Never heard that version bro, shit is dope! Thanks for sharing. Happy Saturday 👍🏿

No need to get all fancy, just slap some salt and pepper on a chunk of meat throw it on the grill, some rice and of course some lightly steemed veggies. I like mine with a little crunch, my son gets all weird if they are cooked too much. He says. "These taste like DooDoo!" yes his exact words. Dahahaha Dude I could eat that type of meal everyday.


Poopy haha. Ive baked some different veggies w some olive oil recently, de-lic-ious. 👍🏿


I love a thin layer on some asparagus with some salt pepper and garlic then toss them on the grill for 5. Still crispy is the only way!!!


Hahahaha. CRISPY (<- some kinda slang accent, i can hear it hahaha)

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Hey @idig, here is a little bit of BEER from @foodfightfriday for you. Enjoy it!