Salmon For Breakfast? OH YES. Oh Yesssss... ~ #fff

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Good ole @jlsplatts mentioned on my last post about my eggs benny that he would add Salmon to his. " I nice chunk under the egg and some small flakes of salmon sprinkled over the top... :drool:drool….." Why yes, that did make me drool. I love Salmon. So of course my next #fff post had to be with Salmon.

Here she is...


And how we got there:

Bagel - toasted or not toasted, your choice. I go toasted, the wife went non.


Toasted. Nicellllyyyy toasted.


Next up you add your cream cheese. You could do any flavor, but for this I think that plain is definitely best. Strawberry and others like that would be pretty weird tasting I would bet, but who knows?! It could turn out to be one of those weird combinations that taste realllllyyyy good.


Now, right at this step, you would probably see a nice big fat slab of tomato thrown down on top of that cream cheese. But not here. Not now, not nev'uh. I don't do a tomato. Raw, anyway. Give me ketchup, pasta sauce, pizza, diced and cooked, but not raw. So we go straight to the crisp and cool cucumber.


You can cut your onion however you prefer, but I like this way because it creates little caverns for the next ingredient to hold in place.


You know I'm talkin' bout capers! "Get the capers, get the capers"


Lastly, lay that Salmon on nice and thick. Any smoked Salmon will do. I tried a new brand from Trader Joe's that had a nice pepper seasoning on it. Suffice to say it was all gone within 2 days. Salmon doesn't last long in my house.


Happy Friday y'all!!! Any of you ever tried a lox bagel before?

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Uhm.. great onion placement, chef! Ever picked up a paint brush? 🤔

Splatts may have mentioned the salmon but you one-upped him on this one with the cucumbers. Then two-upped him with the capers.

Minus the cream cheese, because I’m just weird like that, and this is my kinda bagel—yum to the E! Great entry, @intothewild, it’s always a pleasure hanging out with you on Fridays.


I picked up a paintbrush once, realized my artwork looked like that of a kindergartner, and never picked one up again. Same thing with my handwriting, but it's tough to go on without writing some words down occasionally. Some say I should have been a Dr.
Are you calling me a one-upper? Lol. I generally dislike when people do that, this was not my intention, but I'll take it as a compliment.
Thanks for hanging out @dandays!

That looks so yummy, I will have mine toasted, pretty please...


Toasted it is, @farm-mom, lmk when you're swinging on over :)


If the salmon holds out, I'LL stop in soon 😉

Oohh..oohh.. this beautiful breakfast, no spicy sauce needed right? I wonder how it taste.. creamcheese and smoked salmon..trying to imagine it right now because I know salmon tasted but not the smoked one!
Food coma for sure @intothewild👐


A very light food-coma to be exact, as it's not really heavy, even with the cream cheese. It's tough to describe @cicisaja, let's just stick with delicious. Thanks for swinging by!

Yum… capers… so yum! I’d definitely go with the toasted myself. Happy food fight @intothewild.


Love me some capers! Toasted it is @puravidaville, you and @farm-mom can come together, I'll put you two up in the master suite.


Now that would be interesting, master suite huh, cool. as long as I get mine toasted...hehe

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May your contender make it out alive and not be placed in a permanent food coma!
Good Luck
Have a

Hey @intothewild, here is a little bit of BEER from @foodfightfriday for you. Enjoy it!