~FFF~ Meet Rueben... The Sandwich That is ~ Fast Eddies Of Walla Walla, WA ~ FoodFightFriday


Welcome back to another Food Fryin’, Spoon Lickin’, Bowl Scrapie’ Food Fight Friday Contender Post brought to you by... Fast Eddie himself. I’m telling you this local drive up shack has it all but I’m not going to take over the Coolest Kitchen on the Blockchain with the whole Fast Eddie’s menu. Trust me, every item I have had from Ed’s menu has me tipping on the brink of a food coma. This week I hand picked a contender that is stacked up so high you can barely get your mouth around it. With meat piled high and juices from the sauerkraut drizzling down the side, make rooms for.... if you don’t make room in the Food Fight Friday Arena, Rueben will rub some Spicy Honey Mustard in your eyes...

The Rueben at Fast Eddies


Let me clear the air on this whole “Fast” thing. I’m my opinion they should add just a little something before the word Fast. Like maybe... “Not So”... then it would be Not So Fast Eddies because when you make food they way they do you can’t make it “Fast”. I mean did you see that Rueben Sandwich in the photo above?? McDonald’s or Subway ain’t kicking out sandwiches of that magnitude!!


Now one of the benefits I have being a Serviceman and working most of the time right here in town is I am able to enjoy lunch from time to time with my Beautiful Amazing Wife. Now I only have 1/2 hour give or take so efficiency and time management is key. With Fast Eddies being “Not So Fast” I call in the order ahead of time. I’m just a couple blocks away, so I send Mama-Splatts a text asking what she would like from Fast Eddies... I said I was having a Rueben and she said I better order 2 then. Not only is she beautiful but this Woman knows how to eat. Wait... that came out a bit wrong... she likes good food how about that :wink:wink.

This isn’t a Drive-thru but a Drive-up. You know, old school style except they aren’t on roller skates or anything. They take your order at the window of your car and bring it out to you wether you want to take your meal on the road or sit in your car and get your grub on.


My fellow Fellow Food Flingers know this about me, I love me a Giant Man-Sized burger loaded with everything. :drool:drool. If I didn’t have to go to work I would be ordering up one of the best tasting biggest burgers I have ever purchased at a restaurant. Now my burgers typically are the best but when it comes to a restaurant’s burger... Fast Eddie’s Buddy Burger will take a grown man and turn him into a whimpering whooped puppy dog on the couch, struggling to maintain consciousness as the Food Coma kicks in and takes over his life... too dramatic??? Nope, it’s the truth I have been there.


We will save the Buddy Burger for another day, Buddy is definitely a worthy contender to bring to the arena now is just not the time. Sorry Buddy this post is about Rueben, you will have your time to shine soon.. trust me 😉

Alright with the 2 - Rueben sandwiches loaded up, it is literally a 2-3 minute drive to the house. I should have buckled the Rubens in for safety but I was starving and so was Mama-Splatts.

Gotta Goooo


OMG it’s almost like opening up a present at Christmas and getting exactly what you have been waiting so impatiently for. Lord Have Mercy on My Stomach!! Would you just look at that Sandwich!!! Pastrami piled high, with a hefty layer of sauerkraut and melted Swiss cheese...


Now let’s put the size of this Rueben in perspective shall we? A cross section after a few bites is the only true way to measure the how stacked this Ruben really is... Ya, he must workout


To me what really takes this sandwich to that next level is the little side of their Spicy Honey Mustard. I like to take the provided knife and wipe a little of this spicy goodness on every bite. Now this isn’t the Mexican spicy that seems to burn forever. This is the Chinese hot mustard spicy that hits you hard and clears the sinuses then goes away. I believe it is honey mustard with some horseradish mixed in. Every now and again Mama-Splatts or myself would give out a “Wheew” signifying that we just cleared out our sinuses for the 10th or possibly 20th time. Dang, that burns so good!!


Well my Food Lovers that is the Rueben Sandwich from (Not So) Fast Eddies in Walla Walla, Washington. Mama-Splatts and I out the hurtin’ to this Rueben, now its time for me to get back to work. That was just the right amount of tasty goodness to keep me going the rest of the day.


Stay tuned because next time I might be taking on the Legendary Buddy Burger From (Not So) Fast Eddies.

Until Next Time...

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I saw the bug on your folder—nice bug. 👍🏿

Man, being out of the country I trip out on food and lunch. Food is treated completely different over here and so is lunch and employees. They don’t “eat” here. They don’t “go eat” here, they “enjoy a meal together” here or “enjoy a Ruben” here. Interesting, right? And they say “we feed our animals, we don’t feed ourselves.” Or “animals eat, livestock eats, we enjoy meals.”

Also, there’s no such thing as a 30 minute lunch like I thought the world survived on. Minimum 1 hour, everyone gets a minimum 1 hour but it gets better. Dude, here in Europe, everyone from retailers to construction hands to markets to everyone, the whole got dang EU shuts down between 2 and 5pm and it’s known and expected. It’s anticipated, it just IS. See, what I grew up on, that wouldn’t work, nope! They got me all F’d up like “no, no, we can’t do that, no! We may run out of sunlight—no!” While I’m twisting wire nuts in one hand and eating a sandwich out of the other.

“Land of the thief. Home of the slave.”

Great contender @jlsplatts. The pleasure’s all mine.


I have heard that, about eating meals together for every... meal... 1/2 hour is just what we call it ;) Interesting between 2 and 5 dang might as well not start until 10 so you have enough time for breakfast. Shoot 5 pm... that is cutting into dinner time... welp looks like we don't work anymore and just eat all day. I am in on that. HAHAHA

It's funny how each country has their own kind of "programming" on doesn't it. 🤔🤔


Oh for sure dude! Whoever doesn’t think humans are programmable hasn’t realized the language that comes out of their mouth in comparison to the rest of the world.

Hey man, another fun fact, as we began this adventure I was trippin out that nobody works in Central and South America. They just don’t work, everyone is at the beach, at the pool, whatever, nobody works.

Then I got to the UK and it’s an even grander scale—much grander, nobody works. Dude.. you’ve seen my pictures, they’re taken at all times of the week, I don’t train on the weekends, the UK is active and nobody works.

Ok, now I’m in Greece, same thing. I talked to Ed and he said “dude, that’s how all of Europe is.” Eh, @jlsplatts, I think I was wrong, it’s not that nobody works and slaves their life away anywhere else in the world, I’m beginning to believe that only happens in the states. It’s not that nobody else slaves away their life in exchange for family and things that actually have substance, it’s just the only thing I knew therefor I believed it was normal.

Nah... So far, I’ve learned they don’t do that anywhere else. I’ll keep you posted though! 👍🏿

My homeboy who’s a former Naval Officer told me the other day as I Mentioned the same realization to him that “no, they work in China and Japan, too, but that’s it. People don’t work anywhere else—that’s an American custom.”

Am I the only one who rambles long azz comments like this? 🤔

Your Food Fight Friday Contender has been entered into Round 68
May your contender make it out alive and not be placed in a permanent food coma!
Good Luck
Have a

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In order to submit on Tasteem.io I would have had to publish the post from the Tasteem site correct. I can’t just drop a link over there. I will try and get over to discord and drop a line. Thanks for the info. I will definitely remember this for next time. Cheers


Yes, Tasteem is another dApp on Steem, it’s about food&restaurant review. You must submit your post at tasteem.io only and your post will show at your Steem feed.

Hey @jlsplatts, here is a little bit of BEER from @foodfightfriday for you. Enjoy it!

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100% Upvote for posting about my favorite sandwich! I just had the first one in two years a few days ago.


2 years without a Rueben?? Did you overdose when you finally ate one? I have a tough time turning down anything with hot pastrami on it. Hot pastrami, pepper jack cheese, grilled onions and bell peppers, on a a couple big pieces of sour dough bread.... dang it!! Its almost midnight and now I need eat something.
Thanks for stoppin' by


Haha, I would have OD'd if there was more than one on the table!


Thank you!! I have noticed that you tried this a couple other times but nothing happened. I guess thy got things figured out eh?

To me its really not a reuben if its not corned beef. But that still looks like a good sandwich :)


Man do I feel like a horse’s a$$, corned beef.... I thought this whole time it was pastrami?!?!? So I couldn’t help but look it up, have I been lying to myself this whole time?? Or do I just not know my meats very well?? I’m going to go with both. Lol. So what I found is a “Classic” Rueben is made with Corned Beef and of it is made with Pastrami it’s called a Rachel. Hmmm interesting. So on their menu it didn’t say classic and upon my reading I also found out that pastrami and corned beef are cut from a brisket. The difference is corned beef is boiled after brining for a week as compared to pastrami which is seasoned and smoked. That is according to this. Actually a pretty insightful read if you ask me. Lol.
Thanks for making me feel like a horses a$$ and questioning my whole existence. Hahahahaha No really thanks for mentioning that or else I would probably have never found out the difference between Rueben and Rachel (of course without looking between their legs).


Yeah a lot of places try to pass off a pastrami sandwich as a reuben, but it really isn't. I consider myself a bit of a reuben connoisseur. I have a long standing rule that if I am eating lunch somewhere and they offer an actual corned beef reuben on the menu, I have to get it (unless I have already tried it from that particular establishment, in which case I will still most likely get it but I don't have to). A real reuben also needs to be on pumpernickel rye bread (that super dark almost black rye), or at least a swirl rye bread (swirl of dark and light rye). A normal light rye bread just doesn't cut it, and don't even try to use a non-rye bread (that is a capital offense).

So RE the pastrami / corned beef distinction. Most sandwich places already have thin sliced pastrami on hand for other sandwiches, so it is understandable they try to shoehorn pastrami into a reuben rather than carry corned beef for only that purpose. You will typically have better luck at a more full menu restaurant that might actually have corned beef on the menu separately. It is not just the "corning" process that is the difference (the boiling/brining process) - corned beef is not sliced thin, and is a lot more fatty. A proper corned beef reuben will not have thin slices of meat, they should be nice thick fatty slabs :)


I believe this is corned beef due to its thickness and fatty veins running through it. You know when you go to take a bite and the whole chunk of meat comes out and slaps you in the chin and maybe picks up a stray beard hair or two. Lol The last one I got from there had the light bread with a dark swirl in it. This time they didn’t!! I am gonna have to tell them a thing or two. Hahaha

I have officially been schooled by the master of the Ruben Sandwich. I had no idea a sandwich could get so technical. 😉. But seriously thanks for the info it is really interesting.