Always Time for Cookin' {A Fast & Not Really Furious FFF}

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Happy Friday friends! I've swapped one niece for another (albeit fuzzier one) this week, so I have found myself with a bit of extra time this afternoon between walks to actually pop in for a little @foodfightfriday fun. Though in keeping with my new self-imposed computer time limits, let's see how fast I can bust this tasty post out!


As I always say, no matter how busy life gets, there's always going to be home-cooked food coming out of my kitchen. I may take the easy route with some healthier packaged snacks in a pinch, but I've got too many easy meals in my arsenal to skimp on the good stuff for the main attractions of the day. If I were as smooth as my pal @dandays, I could have probably come up with a better title to my post, but it's the end of the week and I've got plenty of humor left for the weekend, but perhaps not as much sharpness to my wit.

Anyway, this post might be short(ish) on words, but it won't be short on flavor. I've got another one of those roundups full of delicious bowls of goodness for you to find at least something that strikes your fancy. I'll start off with my cover photo and perpetual crowd-pleaser--pasta!


Yep, if you haven't noticed I'm quite fond of the legume-based pasta. I think my last #fff contender was a pesto pasta, so why not go with a red sauce this week? This pasta was another variation made solely out of lentils, and my sauce was a pretty simple mixture of tomatoes, celery, onion, carrots and a whole host of herbs and spices from the cabinet and the garden. Speaking of the garden, I also tossed in a few of the hot peppers for some heat and some of the last of the cherry tomatoes we are still pulling off before the plants die off for the season. My basil is still going strong, but I also added some turmeric for a little twist to the sauce. A serving of tofu tossed in makes this bowl a plant-based protein powerhouse!



Stir fry is another one of those staples that I can whip up in under 30 minutes when I'm short on time or just need to finish off the last of the veggie haul from the week. Though I always am a bit torn calling it that since I don't really "fry" anything, haha. More like "stir saute" perhaps, but who really cares what you call it as long as it is nourishing and delicious. I finally got my hands back on some black rice (a favorite of my pal @riverflows), so that was the base last week when I cooked up an assortment of veggies from the farmers market and tofu. I pretty much always keep sprouted firm tofu and/or tempeh in the refrigerator for these types of meals. It's a super convenient source of vegan protein. I know some folks are allergic to soy and can't consume it, but I find my body tends to crave it when I haven't had it in a while so I listen and heed it's call. Though I do stay away from the highly processed stuff. No soy lecithin or soy protein isolate for this gal!


We also had a few late season eggplants, one of which I tossed in this mix! There are a few more growing, but I'm not sure if they'll survive the cooler weather that's finally making its way here. We'll see I suppose!


With all of the greens popping back up at the farmers market and herbs going strong in the garden, pesto has also been featuring very heavily on my menu. Toss a bunch in the food processor with some tahini and seeds (love pepitas or sunflower seeds, or walnuts, too!), lemon, garlic, and perhaps some nooch and you've got the perfect addition to many meals. It's a great way to get greens in EVERYWHERE in your meals.


Last week included a simple butternut bisque made with squash from the garden and the lovely Hakurei turnips from the market. The pesto on top utilized the turnip greens and spicy garden cress. I'm so happy to finally have soup weather here to stay for a while.


Root veggies are also my jam, so another round of lunches included a different pesto and roasted beets and sweet potatoes. There's still some pinkeye beans to be had, though this might have been some of the last of the fresh ones for the year. I've very much enjoyed all of the fresh beans, but will also be happy to switch back to some of my dried staples like chickpeas, black beans, and all the lentils around.


Not to be outdone, @dksart put together a delicious homemade pizza last weekend when we had friends in town. I made the pesto for the sauce, but he put together the dough and chopped up all the yummy veggie toppings. Sorry, we gobbled up the final product before I got a picture when it was done.



Of course nothing beats soup for the title of "Cheapest & Easiest" (because you can actually say that about food and not be offensive). This week was pretty mad trying to get a lot of things accomplished after a busy weekend, so a huge pot of broccoli and sweet potato soup lasted all week for quick and hearty lunches!


Nothing fancy. Just a bunch of veggies cooked together in a simple broth. Looks like some chilly, rainy weather ahead tomorrow, so might be time to toss another pot on the stove top.


Well my 30 minutes to post my 30 minute meals is up, so I'm off to take my furry pal for another stroll around the neighborhood to pee on anything that she hasn't hit yet. With nasty weather ahead tomorrow we're banking up our exercise today. Though I'm not planning on the conditions derailing my farmers market visit! Too many fall goodies to get my hands on to stay away. 😉

Good food, fresh air and exercise are the best ways to stay healthy with the crazy busy holiday season nipping at our heels. Really, the best way to stay healthy all year round. What do you all have planned this weekend to nurture your bodies and minds?

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I approve of this plant-based posts.

What a great feast you shared with us here on Steemit - so delicious, simply yummy

Everything looks fantastic Katie! I only wish I could come to join you for lunch. I have to try that beet chickpeas salad for sure!!! And here are some well deserved Wonkies for you:
Most Mouthwatering Entry.png


Always love some Wonkies! Some good stuff all around! Happy to have a quiet Sunday today to work on the next round. Hope you are enjoying your weekend, as well!


I am happy to hear that Katie. I am working on challenging recipe, but so far so good 😊

Serious to god girl if you left Steemit my enthusiasm for life would die. These meals are moreish to say the least. I have planted TONS of basil this year .. bring on the pesto days!!! I crave tofu too. Last night i killed a fatted cabbage for a tofu ginger cabbage stirfry with smattering of seeds... i have really taken to pepitas, sunflowers, sesame on my stirfries which isnt traditional but tastes oh so good. Xx Love you xx


Aww, thank you! I can't seem to stay totally away, too many good pals not to check in a bit. ;) But I am finding more of the balance I need right now. That cabbage sounds awesome! After they didn't have the market last week, I can't wait to see what's around tomorrow morning for more yummy meals next week!

Good thing that was the short version, I started reading this on Friday and just looked at the time—I’m late for lunch and now it’s Saturday.

Your pal may be smooth but he sure ain’t as clean as the bowl on the cover image—ooh wee! You know you wiped, shined and glossed that thing up—good job, chef.
I didn’t even notice that noodle at your 2 o’clock, either. 😉

Tell me about your self imposed computer regs?


I actually went up to edit and add "ish" to my short comment. 😂 What can I say, get me talking about food and I just can't stop. I had to leave one noodle a little out of place otherwise you might think I went all fancy on you. If you ever see me sprinkle random crumbs around the bowl you know I've been abducted by aliens.

I still need to work on those specific time limits on here, but the gist of it is I've been spending a bit too much time on here and not enough actually building up my business out here in the real world. I have a tendency to get cozy in one spot and not challenge myself to step outside my comfort zone. Thus, as much as I love my peeps, I'm trying to balance out my time and not get sucked into the black hole of social media. Because in the end this is just as much a time suck as the old bookface or foodstagram. Especially when you look at the value of Steem to the dollar. I'm not on here for money, but I also can't sacrifice an income to be on here if that makes sense. Plus these killer dishes won't cook themselves if I'm pounding away on the keyboard...😉

Wow, so many delicious plates:) A feast for the eyes for us,lol


Feasting all around! One of these days we'll figure out how to actually virtually share so you can try it, too. ;)

I was thinking of doing a tomatoes base pasta for tomorrow! Looking at yours makes me hungry.


I hope you had an enjoyable meal, as well! :)

30 minutes for this post, I don't think I could have loaded the pictures in that time.
Soup weather is in full swing in this neck of the woods @plantstoplanks.
One of my favorite vegetables are beats. The last thing in my garden are beats, and with the temp hitting 33 degrees last night, we will be uprooting them today.
I have never had roasted beats, usually we serve them cold, straight-up or in a salad. When you roast the beats do you boil them before roasting as they are very hard and require a lot of cook time.

All of your dishes look absolutely scrumptious.
Have a great weekend.


Brrr! We've hit the mid-40's overnight, but haven't gotten that close to freezing just yet. Only a matter of time I'm sure. I tend to do better with a deadline, so setting that clock for 30 minutes lit a fire under my butt to knock this one out! Though to be fair I think I did already have the pictures downloaded so all I had to do was pop them on in.

I love all the root veggies! Though beets are one of my favorite. I don't usually boil them ahead of time, but they can take a little while to cook through. I have found I love the pressure cooker for them. They cook much more quickly and it retains all the delicious moisture! There's not many ways I don't like them.

I love life in the sub-tropics and tropics, and I can say I don't miss the weather of the USA at all. However, your post reminds me I miss a lot of veggies from those latitudes that are impossible to find here or are super expensive. Broccoli is a long-lost old friend from years ago.


Each climate certainly does have its pros and cons, though most of the pros are in all the variety of produce available! I often get envious of all the yummy tropical fruit that doesn't grow here, but then I remember things like berries and broccoli don't grow so well in tropical climates. The last time we did travel to the Caribbean I gorged myself on pineapple because it was soooo delicious! ;)

That all looks amazing. It certainly gets my seal of approval.
Shaidon Cartoon FFF.jpg
Shaidon's Seal Of Approval


Many thanks! :)

This is what I call a healthy, veggie feast! Everything looks delicious. Id like to see mushroom meals.


Thanks! I haven't had mushrooms be a big feature in a while, though there were some on the pizza. I'll have to get some next week perhaps to whip up some fungi goodness. :)

How on earth are you going to eat all that? That's so much food! Send some to me. :)


Haha, well to be fair this was for about 2 weeks of meal prepping. I had been a bit behind in sharing, so just stuck it all in one post. Slow cooking is going again today and I'm about to head back in the kitchen for the next round shortly...

A good thing I am just about to have dinner because seeing all those healthy looking dishes has sure made me hungry


I almost always Steem with snacks for just that reason, haha! ;)


LOL thats a good tip for me lOL
I hope your weekend went well :)

Your Food Fight Friday Contender has been entered into Round 65
May your contender make it out alive and not be placed in a permanent food coma!
Good Luck
Have a


Hey @plantstoplanks, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

Everything you prepare always looks so good. I am not a vegan, but love everything you make and I am sure I would enjoy it. Love when the cool weather creeps in, that means soup time. Love soup, yours looked fantastic.
Have a wonderful day, my friend.


Thank you for the compliment! I always tell people you can always start with a vegan base and then add what you like when you make it in your own kitchen. :) Soup season always makes me happy! Though this week I switched it up and did a white bean chili for this week ahead. All hits the spot on a cool evening! Happy new week!


Hello @plantstoplanks, ever since joining #fff, I have been experimenting with a lot of the recipes and different types of food that I see on Fridays. Big change I made was drinking almond milk instead of cow's milk. I really enjoy the flavor and it still has that milk richness that I love. Plus it's higher in calcium, one of the main reasons I drink milk. I generally drink green tea or water. But when I go for a peanut butter and honey sandwich, milk is the only drink I want to wash it down.😋

Totally cracked up on that fuzzier niece comment! 😂

Love the idea of doing a 30 minute post, but knowing how much I overthink everything, I'd probably end up with a 30 word offering...LOL! Thanks for sharing all the yummy food stuffs, and I hear you on the week long stew - I actually made one for us early in the week last week (albeit with different ingredients) and it was awesome to have something quick and easy to reheat and eat!

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend, @plantstoplanks! 😊


30 minutes is still better than that 5-minute freewrite, haha! The words usually come easily when I'm talking about food, so at least I can usually crank out something like this without too much trouble. Other ones definitely take a bit longer when it's a topic I have to think about more. :)

What a beautiful selection of food @plantstoplanks

It all looks gorgeous, especially the pasta.

Great job.


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Thanks Gaz! I think the pasta was probably my favorite out of the bunch. All delicious, but that one really hit the spot. ;)

All that food is making me hungry! Your pictures were so lovely!


Thanks so much! It makes it that much more enjoyable to eat your veggies when they look so good, right?


It does make a difference!

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Oh my goodness...where do I begin or do I just ask for one of each, lol Wow as always you really outdid yourself @plantstoplanks. I have to say I'm happy to see you, I was a bit worried when I read you were not involved with FAVM anymore... I would be truly sad to see you leave the platform. You are such an inspriration to me, I so enjoy and appreciate having you as a friend! Have a fab week! :)


You know I always make plenty to share! Especially since I know you'll have some of your own to share with me. ;) I'm still passing through, supporting the contest from afar. I love my Monday folks so couldn't totally pull away. Plus I couldn't miss all the yummy recipes and great stories to go with! But I am feeling the positive effects of unplugging a bit more and enjoying all aspects of life. Getting ready to head down to the panhandle tomorrow with my gal pals to finally get my toes in that Florida sand!

All your food..
---not only look fantastic, it will make people wanna eat them!!! Thank you for promotion healthy lifestyle.


Thank you for the wonderful compliment! Nothing makes me happier than getting others excited over nutritious food. :)

Haha nice!

30 minutes to post all that goodness for our benefit is time well spent!! I feel healthier for reading it and inspired to make some legume pasta tonight!

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I do what I can. ;) Enjoy your pasta!

You did all this in 30 minutes?! It would have taken me half a day!
I've just discovered how good cherry tomatoes are in quick sauces for pasta. That dish looks sooooo good to me. In the fall I need more filling food for some reason. My body stocking up for the cold months I suppose, but I only crave pasta in the fall. I'll have to try lentil pasta.
What is nooch?
Great post woman!


Haha, well I did the actual writing of the post in 30 minutes, then each meal within took about 30 minutes. I'm not quite to the point where I can crank out multiple meals that quickly, but I'll keep trying. I'm with you that when the weather gets colder I enjoy heartier meals. Just hits the spot when you have something warm and delicious in your belly!

Nooch= nutritional yeast. It's a great replacement for cheese as it imparts that kind of flavor to dishes. It's different than brewers yeast, but it has become pretty popular so you can find nooch in a lot of stores now.