What I Eat In A Day: Food Fight Friday


Hi! I’m poking my head in to say “happy food fight Friday, Freaks”. I think I heard it’s the 1 year anniversary 🤔 or something like that. Of course I needed to drop a line for my faithful foodies then.

Dandays and I have been so consumed with life in England that I’ve completely let Steemit slip. I really haven’t been on here for weeks. Sometimes the hubby gives me the side eye because it’s even taken me too long to read his work 😳. I don’t know when I’ll get back into the routine of things here but for now y’all will have to be happy with the sporadic appearances I’ll make from time to time. Plus, I’ve been collecting pictures of my food and figure today is only the best day to do a picture dump (a picture what? Did she just say what I think she said?).



Yum, 😋! I’m all about the brekkie toast these days. A slice of gluten free seed bread topped with some smooth peanut butter, dusted in strawberries and blueberries showered in cinnamon and pink salt. Now that’s a description. The side of fruit has a dollop of soya plain Greek yogurt for all the good gut bacteria’s. Because who can talk about breakfast without talking about gut bacteria 🤦🏼‍♀️? Haha



Here we have some Vega chocolate protein powder mixed with 1/2 a cup of almond milk and ice cold water accompanied by a small fruit bowl consisting of two sliced strawberries, a handful of blueberries, and a dollop of that soya yogurt again. Uhhhh yum!



Old faithful right here with the perfectly ripened avocado sliced and lightly spread about a piece of gluten free seed bread, topped with 3 cherry tomatoes, pink Himalayan sea salt, fresh ground black pepper and a pinch of red pepper flakes set aside a quarter of an Apple, 2 sliced strawberries, 6 blueberries and that friendly gut bacteria providing yogurt dollop (yes, I count my berries).



It’s been “toast wars” up in here. The cucumber, avocado and chopped red onion make this a refreshing and satisfying addition to the toast rotation. Of course I pair it with my berries and good gut soldiers. I swear, breakfast is becoming my second favorite meal :)



Not the best lunch but not the worst either. This plate is all in all pretty healthy too, especially for eating out. My favorite part is usually the falafel and hummus but in this case it was the stuffed grape leaves or Yalanji, dolmas, dolmathes, whatever you know them as- they are delicious in every language. Everything else was rubbish (get ready for the British slang 🤡).



I was told this was a “chickpea burger like a falafel burger” when I ordered it but it actually turned out to be more similar to a “beyond burger”. I even had to have @dandays semi convince me that it wasn’t in fact an animal. Not a bad a lunch. The best part was the proper “chips” which means that lunch was “adequate” rather than yummy.

Side Note:

Our last week in Costa Rica, @dandays had to, again, convince me that my restaurant plate was not, in fact, a chicken but was the mahi tacos that I had ordered. I totally freaked and took my first bite thinking I had just bit into chicken and completely grossed myself out. I didn’t believe Dandays when he tried telling me it was mahi. I even went as far as to run down our server at the bar and tell her that they must’ve brought the wrong plate. The worst part was that we were freaking starving, stomach crampy and pissed kinda starving. She kindly walked over to our table with her manager and they both told me that my plate was indeed the mahi tacos, not chicken. Dandays looked down in a failed attempt to hide his laugh. At that point I was already psychologically convinced that my plate was chicken that I sheepishly scarfed two out of the three small tacos to curb my appetite and gave the rest to Dandays. Needless to say we only ate there once. Haha



Yes! More fruit, 4 raspberries, 12 blueberries, 3 strawberries, 6 grapes and a handful of unsalted mixed tropical nuts to be exact. I usually pair this with a cuppa. That’s British for “cup o tea”. My tea game has gotten pretty impressive though, just ask @dandays.



Half raw half cooked dinner plate. Sweet potatoes are my latest addiction (yes, I have plenty), paired with jalapeno houmous (that’s how they spell it here), and of course my favorite roasted veggies. I also am appreciating the sweet juiciness of using raw bell peppers as a houmous dipper over pita bread. Yum, and totally guilt free. I know what you’re thinking “dang, Dandays doesn’t eat much”. Don’t you worry, his plates always look much more heftier than mine. Plus, I’m still working off all that “I need more biscuits” addiction so my plates a little smaller lately. Losing a couple pounds isn’t the same at 35 as it was at 25. It is always much more fun getting the weight on than it is getting it off. At least I’m back on a rigorous running regimen, @plantstoplank 😉. Anyway, I digress…



Smokey BBQ lentil tacos rolled in gluten free sweet potato tortillas and accompanied by roasted brussel sprouts. I love me some roasted brussel sprouts.



Sweet potatoes (I told you I have an addiction), Mediterranean store bought falafel, sweet chili houmous, garlicky green beans, almost burnt crispy Brussels with almost burnt crispy smoke paprika seasoned cauliflower and a roasted carrot bell pepper mixture. Is there such a thing as a veggie over load?



Okay, so I eat houmous for dinner a lot. Don’t judge! Those are rutabaga fries by the way. I gave sweet potatoes a night off here.



Back at it with the baked sweet potato and veggie medley. I added a dollop of soya plain Greek yogurt for the added benefits. Y’all know what I’m talking about. 🤡


Or as I like to call them “treat plates”…


Dark chocolate hand stuffed (by yours truly) raspberries, 10 blueberries, 5 green grapes, 2 sliced strawberries, 1/2 an apple and a drizzle of all natural coconut peanut butter. Since this plate I’ve added the addition of cinnamon, sometimes a little maca, a pinch of pink salt and a cuppa (cup o tea with warm almond milk and xylitol sweetener). 😋



Last but not least I have a slice of proper baklava. This happens to be Greek baklava which I prefer over other baklava because it’s made with walnuts over pistachios. Not that I don’t love pistachios, I think I have a small nut addiction too, but the walnuts laced with the massive amounts of honey syrup is really where it’s at for me. It’s not , however, where my pre diabetic ass is at though. That girl is on the treadmill every day now getting her life together so this baklava was a freeze frame of a nice memory. Today, it’s all about the yumminess without any of the chunkiness. Just kidding, I love the chunkiness and what’s life without a little lovin’ in the oven? 🕺🏻💃

Happy @foodfightfriday everyone. I’m really happy to have been able to join you this week. God bless anyone reading this page.

Toodles ✌️


This is me walking off all that baklava so I can go repeat the cycle next weekend 🤦🏼‍♀️ “Damn You Baklava (simultaneously shaking my closed fist in an exaggerated way for the full effect)”.


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I forgot about the chickens mistaken identity—that was funny. It’s was such a fish. You sure are good at hijacking my pictures I planned on using some day. Smooth moves, luvuh. 😉

That guilt free portion was pretty long. :insert frozen emoji here: I think you’re trippin about shedding weight.

I love it when you do that with numbers—three paragraph’s with three sentences and three periods minus three, three times is 18. Mm. Hmm.

The placement of each “Next...” was funny. You’re trippin about shedding weight.

Per youzh, you wrote and excellent article, I’m the luckiest guy I know. :insert smooch emoji here:

All acclimated to England and making new friends like “deuces ya’all!” 😉

What a great post pura, I could eat every bit of every dish you had except that 'HOUMOUS" just don't like it, sorry. But all those beautiful #fruitsandveggies, wuff ! Love it. I am getting a little nervous though, with our meat consumption and showing it on #fff, didn't realize it freaked you out so much...it was FISH, not chicken right? Thanks for your inspiration with your dtube video, I watched it several times to see if I could figure out what to do. Still working on it. Enjoy the weekend. So glad you and your hubby are enjoying England.


You don’t like houmous? That’s crazy talk. I don’t know if I’ve met a hummus naysayer until now. Haha… more for me I suppose. I love me some fruits and veggies and fish, fish is bomb too. I just can’t get with other animals but to each their own. The tacos were fish but I was already freaked out so it kind of ruined it for me. Haha… Dandays thinks I’m a little crazy still.

Yasss! Nothing like firing up the old laptop after a day with the little blonde one to see my fellow avodado-toast-fruit-sweet potato-loving pal! And back to running, too? What a Friday! I'll take a plate of each, please. I'm happy you guys are fitting right into the UK scene, but of course I'm always pleased to see you pop on by here when you get a chance. I didn't realize this makes the one year mark for FFF! FAVM just hit 2! Cheers to the best food spots on the blockchain kicking butt and taking names.

PS: I should be receiving my 20 pound package of dates in the mail on Wednesday. How's that for a sweet delivery? Figured you'd be one of the few people who would appreciate my excitement with that pending arrival.
Though with all the summer fruit in the freezer from picking this year, I'm going to have to work my way through some to make more room! #nosugarneededwhenyouvegotnaturescandy


20 pound package? That’s what I’m talking about sista! Date sugar for days. I wouldn’t mind a few date care packages over here… just sayin 😉.

Yes, back to running but on a treadmill. Not quite as good as along the ocean but definitely gives me a chance to work on interval training. The cookie biscuits here are no joke. A treadmill is a must in the U.K. haha

It’s good to hear from you too! I’ll try and pop back on here in a few.


Dates are excellent for fueling those runs--treadmill or otherwise. ;) Outside is definitely nicer, but sometimes you just gotta do what you can to get the workout in! I'm signed up for a few shorter races in the fall, but debating a re-try on a half before the end of the year, as well. We'll see what I decide. Gotta have those goals to keep me motivated!


If you lived here I’d do a half with you. I don’t know about the full, you’re pretty much a cowboy in my book for all of your running accolades. It would be fun to train for something you know. I just got a new pair of ASICS so I’m all dialed in for Tuesday. Monday we are moving again so no gym for me but it’ll be nice to get back at it on Tuesday. There’s no workout like a workout on some fresh kicks. Haha.


Yes! Nothing like some new kicks to get you moving and grooving! I think it's almost time to order another pair of Merrells, but I'm trying to make it just a little while longer on the ones that I've got. :)

Half marathon training is much more fun with a friend. Even better if you can go enjoy some avocado toast together afterwards. ;)

Great to have you back @puravidaville !
I love all the food pictures. I've heard of those beyond burgers but haven't tried them yet. All those vegan alternatives are really getting better as time moves on.

Keep it up!


I’m kind of back but not fully. Hey @byebyehamburgers. Thanks for stopping by and dropping a line. It’s good to hear from you too. I actually don’t eat a lot of vegan alternatives. We mostly eat Whole Foods so beyond burgers and such don’t make it to our plate very often. I guess I make exceptions for anything sweet or chocolately though. Haha

Great post, each and every picture of a meal, a snack, or just a plate of fruit and veggies is always a treat for the eyeballs. These perfectly prepared and displayed dishes do play havoc with my gastric juices though.
So you count your fruit. That raised a big question in my head, If you, lets say, take a strawberry and cut it in half, does that count for two pieces.
Funny story with the mahi tacos. You know what they say about yard bird, everything tastes like chicken and just maybe your Costa Rican friends were trying to send you off with one last bit of neighborly love, mahi that tastes like chicken.


A strawberry is a strawberry is a strawberry. I will consider size classification though, small, medium, or large. Haha

Dandays knew it was mahi but I got it in my head and couldn’t let it go. It’s funny how we do that sometimes. A month away from CR and I feel much more like myself again. It’s nice to trust your neighbors and people again. I’m sure the mahi incident had nothing to do with local Costa Rican’s and everything to do with my crazy ass. Haha. Nice hearing from you @thebigsweed !


From what I see and read, England and what it has to offer is working out great. Now that CR is in your rear view mirror let the real fun begin.
In 6 months you guys will probably be talking with that funny twang in your voices. 😁

Food Foto Dump is always welcome around here!! Please remind me next time to NOT look at your dump first thing in the morning. You have got me wanting to make all kinds of tasty fruity breakfast toasts this morning. Avocado toast... old faithful??? Heck YES!! Plus with that tomato on top... C’Mon!!! Thanks for Dumpin’ those amazin Food Fotos on all ya Food Fight Friday Fanatics.

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Morning dumps are the only reasonable dump. Just wouldn’t be the same if they were called “mid afternoon dumps” now would they.

Omg, I’m kind of obsessed with fancy toast. I’ve making a hummus, grilled onion, grilled pepper, cilantro toast too. So good. They happen to all picture very well too. I should just do a post dedicated to breakfast toast, swear.

Cheers back at cha

Ooohh No! This is too healthy breakfast for me.. but if it shows up on my table, I'll fight to get another plate 😁 amazing pictures as always @puravidaville and you are forgiven for not posting more on steemit too😂

About the chicken taste of mahi tacos.. sorry 😂 I can't hold myself not to laugh on it😂😂😂😂 some fishes really taste like chicken indeed😊 enjoy your liven adventure in England.


Thanks @cicisaja. I can always use a friend getting amusement out of my life bloopers. Haha. What do you eat for breakfast? Sometimes I’ll through an egg in the mix too just to make sure I’m getting all of the proper nutrients I need. Sometimes eggs gross me out though. Thank you for your forgiveness. I’ve been pretty sporadic on here. I guess that means life has gotten really exciting 👏👏. Thanks for always dropping a lime anyway my friend. 😘


Hello there @puravidaville .. as long as you find it exciting.. sharing it with others could be the second option😉
I seldom have breakfast.. but sometimes we got baked glutinous rice with sweetened coconut or steamed cassava with coffee or tea.

Enjoy your adventures as always!

Miss your steem posts, lady!! 💜


Aweee… thanks Girl. I’ve just been so enthralled with day to day that I haven’t had the motivation. I want to come back and support everyone not just drop a post here and there. Maybe once we head out of England 🤷🏼‍♀️ Thanks for dropping a line @faeryboots. It really did make me smile in real life :)

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