Is the cure for this problem with psychological beams and other types in US letting other countries know?

10개월 전

Only thing I can figure out is our law is behind the problems with people encountering psychological beams and other types of beams in Hocking county Ohio because maybe they know our law makers in Washington DC won't ever get any laws passed by the House and Senate to keep these people programming to fly artificial intelligence on people they select for a target and people manually flying satellite beams in United States on their targeted area's.
A lot of foreigner's visit Hocking county and work in Hocking county the past 9 years and before. I'm sure they will never tell anyone at their original homeland about the satellite beams invading Hocking county.
The way I see the setup so far, theirs no way to prove these psychological satellite beams aren't attacking a human the same as trying to convince the law that a person has a psychological beam stuck in their head or very close to their ear going through the ear drum into the brain.
So media with the help of some hateful artificial intelligence satellites directing their beams at people and operating their other type of satellites shooting beams are making people aware this goes on in United States and can happen in other countries that have treaties with United States.
I can understand how that could back fire and a selected country could be turned into a laundry every time United States breaks a treaty.

The ability with United States not having a world law to protect people from these psychological satellite beams and other types of satellite beams is to let the world know about their psychological satellite beams and other type of satellite beams. Wonder who the people that had that idea?

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