Looking around the world using google earth.

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Using google earth I spend a lot of time looking at other countries besides United States. Noticed Russia has really down sized their military. A lot of abandon air bases and not a lot of ships at their Navy bases. I never seen a Russian aircraft carrier using google earth. I saw a couple of Russian submarines that looked like red October and a sub that looks somewhat like a United States titan class submarine. Silo door on the back of their larger submarine is large in diameter. Submarines not too tall so guess the nuclear missile they could shoot from their submarine would only be mid range. Noticed how some of their bombers look like the B-1 bomber. Of course their long range bomber looks kind of like a older United States long range bomber.
A lot of crude oil in Russia. Claim to have reserves comparable to the Middle east before depleted. Must have a lot of uranium there also. Wonder if their country knows how to make platinum like United States? If I was stuck living that far north and had money , I'd probably looked for a country south somewhere to buy.
Don't look like a lot of activity in Siberia , Russia. Isn't that the place where the Russian government dumps off people that the government decides shouldn't be with the rest of the population of people?AL Museum.JPG

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