ADSactly Folklore : Anna's Experience With Miss Koi-Koi

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Miss Koi-Koi is a mysterious creature in Sub-Saharan Africa resembling a tall female adult in appearance. She is believed to be the spirit of the undead and feeds on the brains of little children after inflicting them with scary hallucinations and illusions of what does not exist. She got her name "Miss Koi-Koi" from the sound she makes in her high heeled shoes whenever she passed.

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Anna was born in the Caribbean and had never been to Africa before in her life. When she turned 10 years old, her parents decided to take her to see their grandmother who lived in Sub-Saharan Africa. Anna was very happy because she had heard so many interesting stories about Africa, and couldn't wait to witness all what she had heard first-hand.

The day they were to make the journey, their flight was delayed for 15 hours and it took another 17 hours for them to get to Africa, but she wasn't bothered at all - her mind was already set on beholding Africa for the first time in her life. When they arrived at MM Int'l Airport, they had to take another journey by road to their grandmum's house; which was about 9 hours. Finally, they were at her granny's house. The environment was cool and calm, and everywhere represented the mental picture Anna had created about Africa - well, until the devil decided to pay a visit.

Every morning, Anna's parents would drive from her granny's house to the village square because that's the nearest place they could find a cyber cafe - and because they were sales representatives, they needed to be online to transact with customers. They would normally leave Anna with her granny and she would always play outside the compound. One sunny day, Anna was playing around as usual and after sometime, she went into the woods to catch some fresh air. Suddenly, a weird sound arose from oblivion:


She had never heard of the story of Miss Koi-Koi before, so she didn't have any slightest idea of what the sound meant.

"How on earth would someone wear high heeled shoes inside the woods," she wondered.

More weird was the fact that; even if someone wore that kind of shoes, the sound would definitely not be heard inside the woods - the floor wasn't tiles. This made Anna somewhat disturbed. Suddenly, the leaves began to move and she could see a faint figure of a very tall and slim woman-like figure approaching her from afar.

Fear gripped her and she ran towards her granny's house screaming, "Granny! Granny!!".

Legend has it that Miss Koi-Koi never beholds octogenarians, and Anna's grandma was an octogenarian.

As soon as her granny heard Anna scream, she flung open the door and Anna ran inside the house like a missile. Miss Koi-Koi didn't proceed further; maybe because she sighted an octogenarian. At first, her granny didn't know why Anna was running, so she had to ask her series of questions, to which the only response she gave was, "I heard Koi-Koi-Koi-Koi and I saw a woman".

Granny stared at her with eyes wide open with an uneasiness that could be felt by everyone, because she already knew what that meant.

When Anna's parents returned back, they were told of Anna's experience and they too were sent in shock and panic because they knew what it meant. There had been a legend that was told that anyone; who was not an octogenarian, that saw Miss Koi-Koi would die within three days - you can imagine how worried everyone was.

Then Granny quickly quipped with calmness, "Something can be still be done".

This brought a little comfort to Anna and her parents. Soon, Granny sent for the local chief priest. In less than one hour, the local chief priest arrived dressed in black and wore a silver medal on his neck.

[Image Sourced From Pixabay. CC0 Licensed]

As soon as the chief priest came in, he made a quick incantation and started explaining to Anna's parents a few things: He told them that the last appearance of Miss Koi-Koi was 8years ago and after that, was captured and locked up by the combined forces of some village priests with a powerful spell - but somehow, she broke out of the spell two weeks ago, and obviously, this was her first appearance since then.

He went further to explain that anyone that sighted Miss Koi-Koi would die gruesomely within three days. The chief priest gave Anna a small enchanted effigy which she should carry about within that three days only with her left hand. He also told her granny to accompany her anytime she stepped outside the house.

The three day period was like three years - full of uncertainty, fear, uneasiness, and gloominess. Even while going to the bathroom, Anna would carry the effigy with her left hand while she bathed with her right hand. By the third night, Anna couldn't sleep; her eyes were open throughout the night, she feared she might die from her sleep. By 11:55pm on the 3rd night going to the 4th day, a tap was heard on the door. Anna screamed with fear.

Granny rushed in, held her close to her chest and said, "I'm here, child".

They kept that position until 11:59pm. Anna couldn't wait till the crossover to the 4th day so that she'd regain her freedom.

By 12:00am, Anna screamed with joy, "I made it, Granny!!!"

Granny couldn't stop herself from letting out tears of joy. By dawn, they were already planning their movement back to the Caribbean. The impromptu getaway was Anna's idea because she might see Miss Koi-Koi again. By afternoon, they were done packing.

"Good bye, Granny," said Anna with a hug.

After ten years, Anna was already twenty years old and Granny became a nonagenarian; and of course, things had changed. As part of granny's celebration of her 90th birthday, she called Anna's parents on phone to tell them that she would be hosting them in Africa for the celebration. The phone was on speaker and Anna heard the conversation.

She quickly interrupted, "I'm not ready to face Miss Koi-Koi again".

Granny responded calmly, "Sweetheart, Miss Koi-Koi is gone and is now forgotten, and has not been seen for the last ten years".

As she was saying that, there was a deadly silence on the phone.

"Hello, Granny? Granny?"

There was no response. Suddenly, they heard over the phone,



Authored by @samminator

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I loved this story, @samminator! Popular stories always have an appeal that transcends time. In Venezuela, my country, there are many stories like this one that are transmitted orally and that have remained despite the years. I like the rhythm you gave to this story and especially the ending: the koi-koi-koi is not gone, it is back.


Thanks Nancy.
In this part of the world, stories like this are normally told by elders around campfires. I'm glad you enjoyed it

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Interesante la leyenda de la señorita Koi-koi, me gusta tu post.

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This is a very interesting story!
Read with pleasure
I was in childhood :-)

Very interesting the legend of this character of the popular magic, in the style of the old witches of the wonderful tales. The story that you have elaborated to recreate this legend seems to me to be well achieved. You create a situation of tension with the girl, which in the end you resolve with that surprising exit. You reach the unique and closing effect that Poe proposed for every story. Thank you for sharing your story, @sanminator.