A Vampire Eloim Story, Keeper of the Lore. Book 5 part 10.

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Gary showed his mother, the Lady Vi where to stand as Lord Luc of Paris quickly answered her demand to speak.
“Lady Vi, I send you my deepest apologies for what has happened. My people running the house were overwhelmed and murdered in this attack.” Lord Luc said in a worried voice.
“You are saying a safe house in the heart of your lands was over-run?” Lady Vi answered coldly.
“We have been betrayed from within our clan, there is still fighting in some of our outer holdings. My sister worked with outsiders to try and take over the clan, as we speak my son leads the attack on her remaining forces. The Lord Vi was an old friend of mine, he saved my life during the Lycian wars so I take this betrayal very personally. I accept full responsibility for failing to protect guests in my care and also know this clan will stand with you until the end in the hope of repaying the debt we owe you.”
“Personally return my husband’s body and Miss Penny, if she still lives, and we will talk Luc. I extend to you guest rights for you and your family to travel safely to our lands to return my husband’s body. I warn you now that until I decide otherwise everyone is classed as a potential enemy to my family and we will defend ourselves with deadly force. Anyone who chooses to be our enemies will be killed just like those who attacked us tonight.” Lady Vi said then indicated to end the call.
“Eric has two prisoners he is bringing in, we’ll get them settled into a dungeon as soon as they arrive.” Gary said. “I’ll personally get you the answers we need, it’s been a few years but I still remember how to get people to talk.”
“We need to keep Eloim out of sight from all outsiders until we know we can trust them Let those plotting against us worry about where he is and what he is up to so it divides their attention.” Lady Vi said. “His talents don’t really stretch to fighting so we keep his location secret.”

Eloim sat in his room where Gary had told him his mother wanted him to stay. Outside his family had been defending their home from attack caused by his actions. Somehow, he knew he had to put things right but what could he do in a war, he knew he wasn’t a warrior.
“You are far more than you think Eloim.” Alexia’s voice said in his head.
“Alexia, everything has gone wrong. Father is dead and other clans have attacked us. I caused this yet I’m useless with a sword.” Eloim replied sadly.
“Useless? You killed one of the Knights of Blood, you’re the only vampire that ever managed to do that. Trust yourself, you don’t think that you didn’t learn anything from me being in your head all those years. Alexia said.
“What do you mean?” Eloim asked.
“You need to stop thinking and just let your instincts take over.” Alexia said, her voice getting quieter as the link between them faded.

Gary opened the door to let his mother, Lady Vi walk into the dungeon. Before them two vampires hung chained by their arms from the ceiling. Both showed evidence of rough treatment and torture as information had been extracted from them.
“We face over ten clans with double that number close to giving their support.” Gary said placing a heated poker back into the hot coals of the brazier.
“Did they tell you the ringleaders are?”
“There are four clans with members on the High Council but they don’t know who is the main vampire pulling the strings.” Gary said as he stood by a table on which were several items that an expert could use to get even the strongest people to talk.
“The Priest is that ringleader, we just needed these two to tell us the clans we face.” Lady Vi said.
“We have them so what now for these two?” Gary asked.
“Crucify them and then find the darkest hole in the citadel and brick it up with them inside. Make sure they have plenty of blood via transfusion to last a month so they don’t fade too soon.” Lady Vi said coldly.
“I know just the place, although we can’t guarantee the blood will remain fresh.” Gary said.
“Good, as the blood spoils it will cause untold pain as it is pumped into them. Throw in some rats before you put the last brick in place, make sure they’re hungry rats too. They will spend what time they have left being eaten alive and constantly healing until as the blood sours and their powers fade.” Lady Vi continued as she turned to leave and the two prisoners began to thrash around in helpless fear.

Eloim ended up knocked to the floor again.
“No Eloim, I could read your moves. You leave yourself open so any half decent swordsman will kill you in minutes.” Gary said in frustration. “Now get up and let’s go again, we’ve run out of time in trying to teach you how to fight.”
Eloim got to his feet and picked up his sword ready to go again.
“You think too much Eloim, your technique is good but the hesitation will get you killed.” Gary said trying to encourage his brother.
Eloim nodded and then remembering Alexia’s words, taking a deep breath to clear his mind. Lifting his sword to show he was ready he watched as Gary advanced again. As their swords came together Eloim felt as time was slowing, Gary was moving slower. With blistering speed, he forced his brother back before spinning low to kick Gary’s legs from under him. Gary jumped back to his feet as Eloim stepped back. “Where in seven hells did that come from?” he asked in shock.
“You said to stop over thinking things.” Eloim said shrugging his shoulders.
“Let’s see if you can do it again to prove it wasn’t a fluke.” Gary said raising his sword.
After being knocked to the floor three more times Gary called an end to the sword practice and went to find his mother.

to be continued.

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