A Vampire Eloim Story, Keeper of the Lore. Book 5 part 13.

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It was raining as usual but Polly didn’t notice as she sat on the edge of the building roof with her legs dangling. It was two nights since she had awoken in her parents chambers. The Paris traitors had been executed as the sun rose in the morning and sunlight had flooded into the sun tower and the next evening Lord Luc had set off to return to Paris. She had missed so much and could remember little of what had happened to her while in the fifth circle. Her mother had told her of events since she had been lost in the tower in Transylvania as she had raced to rescue Eloim. As much as she felt changed her little brother had changed more. With war on the horizon she knew she had little time to adapt to all the changes but she needed this night to grieve and reflect so when she saw her brother approaching down the street below she cursed silently.
When he stood before the building below her he waved and with a leap began to quickly climb up the side of the building and was soon sat beside her.
“I came here to be alone Eloim, If I wanted company I’d have asked for it.” Polly said sharply.
“I know, that’s why I told the others to stay away so I could sit and annoy you by myself.” Eloim said brightly.
“Well I’m annoyed so go away.” Polly said.
“I’ve got a plan to stop the clan war and need your help.” Eloim began ignoring his sister.
“Let me guess, you’re going to kill the Priest.” Polly said with scorn. “Is there any detail I left out?”
“I think you covered my entire plan, that’s why I need your help, I need a plan.” Eloim said with a smile.
“Leave me alone childe and go back to dressing up.” Polly spat leaning forward and dropping off the building to land on the pavement below.
Eloim followed her and quickly stood beside her. “I’ll go back to dressing up if you can beat me with that sword of yours.” Eloim said his own voice showing his anger.
Polly spun and punched him in the face sending him flying across the street, not waiting for Eloim to get up she began to walk away.
“Wow, I didn’t think you’d be scared of fighting me Polly, did you lose yourself in the fifth circle?” Eloim asked as he got to his feet.
Polly turned, snarling as she pulled her sword and advanced on Eloim. “Pull that pretty sword then child, not that it will do you any good.”
Not waiting for Eloim to respond she attacked at blistering speed and Eloim barely had time to draw his sword before he was defending her attack. This was Polly unleashed with her rage giving her even more power and speed. Eloim felt the sting from her blade on his arms as he tried to defend himself, yet not pushing his own attack. With no time to think he followed the instincts that Alexia had fine tuned and left buried in his subconscious.
Finally Polly beat past Eloim’s defence and drove her sword into and through his belly. Pulling her sword clear Eloim fell to his knees in pain and Polly without a word turn and began to walk away.
“It’s not over yet Polly.” Eloim said getting to his feet.
“Don’t make me kill you little brother, stay on your knees or I will.” Polly said before turning around to see Eloim on his feet, his sword held before him.
With a snarl this time Eloim attacked and it was Polly who found herself defending as the two fought on. The fight dragged on as the two went from attack to defence and both received minor cuts that quickly healed. Finally they broke off their fighting and took a step back circling each other, both ready for the fight to start again any moment.
“Your demon bitch taught you a few tricks then.” Polly snarled.
“So about this plan I need, you in?” Eloim asked.
“Are you wearing my top?” Polly suddenly asked stopping her circling.
“Well I wasn’t going to ruin one of my own fighting you.” Eloim replied with a shrug and then found himself on the defensive again as Polly attacked with a scream.

In the shadows Lady Vi and Gary watched the two as they continued to fight.
“Eloim sure has a knack of pressing Polly’s buttons.” Gary observed.
“He plays a dangerous game, he has built her into a killing rage, brother or not.” lady Vi said worriedly.
“Should we step in?” Gary asked.
“Not yet, we watch.”Lady Vi answered.

The two broke apart again and began to circle each other looking for any sign of weakness. While Polly’s face was full of anger Eloim was relaxed and smiling that did nothing to improve Polly’s mood.
“After I beat you how about we go shopping, with that white hair of yours you’ll need a more grown up style. I hear tweed is very stylish for older women.” Eloim said casually.
“You think you can goad me Eloim, I was fighting centuries before you were made.” Polly spat.
“I am goading you, the first lesson you ever taught me was never fight angry.” Eloim replied with a smile and the lowered his sword.
Polly sprung forward and again drove her sword into his chest, aiming for his heart but the sword stopped as it hit something under his top. With a snarl Polly back handed him and sent him flying to hit a wall behind him. Not waiting for him to recover she pounced on him raining in punches to his face.
Finally Polly stopped, she could feel the broken bones in her hand from punching her brother and he lay spitting out blood from his battered face.
“I love you Polly, I was ready to trade places in hell for you.” Eloim finally managed to say.
Polly jumped back in shock and then in desperation she looked down at her brother before moving forward and cradling him in her arms.
“You bloody stupid idiot, I could have killed you.” Polly said, tears streaming down her face.
“To get you back, I’d risk it.” Eloim said as he closed his swollen eyes.

Lady Vi stood still in the shadows and smiled. “Let’s go and leave them, seems Eloim’s plan has worked.”
With that she turned and left, Gary a step behind.

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