A Vampire Eloim Story, Keeper of the Lore. Book 5 part 14.

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Eloim looked into the mirror, not that he could see himself or the fading bruises on his face but it was a human trait he’s still not been able to get over. Polly sat up in her coffin, even though her room was fixed she had made an excuse that Eloim needed watching over so he didn’t do something stupid.
“Why do you never close your wardrobe doors properly, I hate seeing doors left ajar?” Polly asked.
“It makes me feel safe.” Eloim replied looking into the mirror to see the door that sat slightly open.
“You know there is no way we can get near the Priest without a fight and even then we would be outmatched and unable to get around his magic.” Polly said as she sat combing her white hair.
“Gary says his magic is probably over-hyped.” Eloim said.
“Probably isn’t something you can trust in making plans.” Polly replied. “We need a proper working plan.”
“I’ve suggested a way but you dismissed it.” Eloim said.
“I’m not using you as bait, this whole plot of his has been in order to get you. What we need to learn is why, it’s beyond me why everyone keeps going to such great lengths to get you when you’re such a pain in the butt.” Polly said.
“I need to work out what to wear for the Countess when she arrives at the weekend.” Eloim said standing up.
It’s only Monday Eloim.” Polly pointed out.
“I know I’ve left it late so get yourself up and help me.” Eloim ordered with a smile.

The Countess Redchelle was one of the few European ancients to escape the blood bath in Rome when the Vatican sent in the Demon Alexia to destroy them. Nobody knew her true age but some said she was the ancient Celtic queen Boudica and her bright red hair gave credence to her heritage as of that ancient celtic line. Form time before memory the Countess had ruled the British clans with iron will and a respect from her clan.
While she may not have been one of the oldest vampire alive but she was one of the most powerful, one of the only other vampire that may be her match stood before her.
“Lady Vi, may I extend the condolences of the British clans for the loss of Lord Vi, he was a great warrior and will be sadly missed by all the true clans.” The Countess said before opening her arms as Lady Vi stepped forward into a hug. The friendship between the two of the most powerful vampires was undeniable for anyone who knew either one.
“I would have come sooner but had to ensure there was no spies of the Priest in my clans.” The Countess whispered so no one else could hear.
“Let us retire to my quarters so we can talk in private.” Lady Vi said with a smile.

Lady Vi had led the Countess into her private quarters rather than the private audience room and the two clan leaders sat chatting as old friends did when Gary admitted Eloim and Polly. After much deliberation Eloim had decided on a plain black outfit with chrome accessories. To wear bright colours still seemed wrong so close to the loss of his father.
“Boud, may I present my son Eloim, You know my daughter Polly already.” Lady Vi said using the Countess’s pet name very few were allowed to use.
The Countess stood and walked over to Polly first and gave her a quick hug. “Your hair makes you even more striking and I didn’t think that would be possible my dear childe.”
“Thank you Countess, it’s taking a little getting used to.” Polly replied.
“Now then,” the Countess turned to Eloim, “the hero of the great purge. You are becoming a legend for your exploits.”
“Not really, I just seem to manage to stumble into things by mistake and get out the other side.” Eloim replied with rare modesty.
“Don’t we all, but it is a gift that you should embrace. I’ve forgotten half the clever plans I tried to make that failed to work while fumbling about with no idea has brought me victories.” the Countess said with a smile. “Make a habit of telling wild stories about your exploits and the less facts you use the better they turn out.”
“I do love that story you tell of floating around in a lake giving the human a sword to stop the followers of the new religion destroying the old ways.” Lady Vi said with a half laugh.
“Oh, that is one of the better stories I tell, half the time I’m not sure what parts are real these days.” the Countess said with a laugh as she returned to her seat. “At least I still have a sword to show when telling it.”
“Sit down Eloim, being bashful doesn’t suit you.” his mother said with a smile.
“Now, let’s get down to business, I’ve ensured the High Council is in limbo and the priest can’t force through any votes about anyone connected to this clan with a call for the arrest for all clan leaders connected to your husbands murder. As head of the High Council I’ve suspended everyone involved in the murder of a sitting council member.” the Countess announced as Eloim and Polly took a seat.
“The Priest will not take kindly to your actions, he’s shown he will stop at nothing in his bid to get his hands on Eloim.” Lady Vi said.
“Let him come at me, it will be the worst mistake he makes. Now the answer we need is why is he so interested in Eloim here?” the Countess asked.
“A question we’ve been searching for answers for, it doesn’t make any sense.” Polly said.
“The Priest is all magic and mystic powers, he has spent his entire life searching for power, even before he was turned. For him to make such an open power play then he must have decided Eloim was at the centre of some prophecy as his lust for power was always greater than his courage.” Lady Vi said.
“Well there are more prophecies than failed plans in this world so that could take centuries we don’t have, even if we knew the basis of what his plans are for Eloim once he gets him.” the Countess said.
“I’d go with a sacrifice, they always seem to be sacrificing people to get power in prophecies.” Eloim said sadly.
“Junior has been working on transferring all of dad’s books onto the computer so we can search easier. Maybe if we input all of Eloim’s deeds we could narrow down the search.” Polly suggested. “A web search could also help at least rule out other options.”
“Most of Eloim’s deeds are unknown outside our clan, apart from the ring and bringing peace with the Lycians that is.” Lady Vi said. “You’re father was careful to avoid the outside world from learning family secrets.”
“Then any mention of them will stand out, the British clans have sided with you over our long friendship, only my most trusted know of the debt we owe your son.” the Countess said.
“What debt? I just did what I had to do to save myself.” Eloim said in shock.
“But in doing so you saved many of our nests from destruction. Your actions saved my clan, whether you intended to or not.” the Countess explained.
“Right my children it is time for you to go and leave me and the Countess to talk. Polly if you could go find Junior and give him his task and Eloim, please close that wardrobe door on your way out. It being slightly open like that is off putting.” Lady Vi said with a smile to Eloim.

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Ah, another message in a closet coming up? kind of like a message in a bottle, I like the closet thing and the helpful young boogeymen.


I like the boogymen brothers and how they help Eloim because he helped one of the come out of the closet.

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