A Vampire Eloim Story, Keeper of the Lore. Book 5 part 15.

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Eloim returned to his room and sat down with his back to the slightly open wardrobe hoping his friends the brothers bogeymen where lurking around the citadel.
After five minutes he gave up and was just standing up when hands grabbed him and dragged him into the closet. Getting over the initial shock of being grabbed he relaxed and when he felt himself being placed on the floor he closed his eyes.
“My eyes are closed, just tell me when you’re behind a door.” Eloim said, still with his eyes shut he sat onto the floor.
“Eloim, we have a problem.” one of the brothers said in a worried voice.
“How can I help?” Eloim said resisting the urge to turn around and open his eyes. “after what you did you just have to ask.”
Eloim felt a presence moving up behind him and a sack was put over his head before a new voice spoke.
“We will find out if you can help vampire, if not then our two young ones will face their punishment.”
Eloim half turned but hands stronger than iron grabbed him.
“We go before the Hallway of Doors, if you try to remove the hood you will die, our two brothers have vouched for you and will share your fate if you try anything.” the new voice continued.
Eloim was lifted up and felt the slight disorientation that happened when a bogeyman took you somewhere else. When he was again placed down onto the ground he quickly sat down to wait. All around him he could hear whispering in the darkness.
“Vampire, you are the first not of our kind to be brought to the Hallway of Doors, all around you are the elders of our people. You have been brought here as two of our kind have interfered in matters they should have left alone and now you must answer for their crime.”
“When you say answer do you mean punished?” Eloim asked starting to worry.
“If needs be, we need to work that out.” the voice said.
“Could I make a request before we start?” Eloim asked.
“Very well, ask away.” a new voice said.
“Well in the wardrobe where I was taken from is this gold Prada bag, fourth shelf on the left, second bag along. Well could someone nip and get it for me. This hessian sack really smells of, I’d hate to think what it smells of and if I’m going to be killed I’d want my head inside that gold Prada bag. It has the softest lining and you can really smell the leather.” Eloim said in a rush.
His request was met with silence and then he heard someone laugh and quickly the laughter spread all around him. Not knowing if this was a good thing Eloim felt the presence behind him retreat for a moment and then return as the laughter began to subside.
“There has been no laughter in the Hallway of Doors since the old days before the curse. Eloim, you are a rare creature. I think our enemies and yours are the same so we will not kill you. We know of the Priest of your kind and his plans for you.” the voice said. “The Priest sees you as a threat to him, he has decided that you will be the cause of his destruction and fall. To prevent this he has made a deal to ensure his power is unchallenged and total.”
“I’m not liking the sound of this, deals for power always involve sacrifices and I seem to be the one chosen for that job.” Eloim said.
“It does seem that way vampire, you need to either defeat your enemy or you will be sacrificed and an imprisoned creature known as Namatarchi will be released and it will then reap it’s vengeance on those who closed and hold the door on it’s freedom.” the voice told Eloim.
“I take it you will be the ones the creature comes after.” Eloim asked, already knowing the answer.
“We hold many ancient doorways closed and behind those doors are many ancient creatures wanting to break free. We are not a warrior people and would not be able to stand against any one of those beings if they got free.” the voice said sadly.
“So if one was to get free then…” Eloim began.
“Without us to hold the doors closed they would all break free.”
“I take it that wouldn’t be a good thing.” Eloim said.
“Well as a bit of good news, it would be for others to worry about as you and all of us would be dead before they begin to kill everything else.” the voice said.
“I’m kind of struggling to see how that is god news.” Eloim replied.
“Our deaths will be quick and relatively painless, the creatures released after our people are killed and the doors open were locked away as even the demon and dark realms feared and rejected their ways and appetite.” the voice explained.
“What I want to know is why does he need me in particular, what’s so special about me?” Eloim asked.
“It’s the prophecy thing, something about you housing a demon and living in two times.” the voice said. “Because you had your Demon Alexia reside in your mind for so long it is now strong enough to be possessed by Namatarchi on his release. Your body will be taken over by this creature and it will devour every last trace of who you are in your mind. Your essence will be his first course as it returns to our world and he is very hungry. He will devour the entire world where you live within days and then turn to look for dessert.”
“Bugger.” Eloim said.
“Sorry, I didn’t break that to you very well did I.” the voice said apologetically. “There is another reason your priest wants you out of the way.”
“I don’t think I need to know any more reasons why he’s trying to kill me for now.” Eloim cut in.
“It seems I’ve given you nothing but bad news.” the voice said.
“Well it wasn’t as bad as when people started saying brown is the new black but it came a close second.” Eloim replied and he heard more chuckling from around the hallway.
“We will return you to your room, speak to your mother and the Countess and warn them that the Paris clan will be attacked in two nights time.” The voice said and then he was picked up and felt the moment of disorientation before he found himself sat in his wardrobe with the hessian bag still on his head.

A moment later the door was pulled open and the bag pulled from his head and he saw Polly looking down at him. “What are you up to Eloim? Then again I don’t want to know but this, whatever it is, is strange even for you.” Polly said in disgust.
“It’s not what you think Polly, I know what the Priest wants.” Eloim said.
“Meditating in your wardrobe with a stinking bag on you head lets you know all that?” Polly said in mock surprise.
“No, the bogeymen told me.” Eloim said standing up.
“I think the fumes from that bag have addled you brain Eloim.” Polly said turning away and walking over to her coffin.
“Don’t get in there, we need to go talk to Mum and the Countess right now.” Eloim said walking towards the door.

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Poor Elohim's mind, things and people always poking or wanting to poke into it, take ownership of it. He must have a good head on his shoulders.