A Vampire Eloim Story, Keeper of the Lore. Book 5 part 16.

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“Junior is searching for any mention of Namatarchi in any text we have or texts transferred to his online library he is creating but has so far drawn a blank.” Polly said.
The Countess put down her phone and sighed. “So far our own librarian is drawing a blank on the name as well, he has a photographic memory and has read more of our books and texts than anyone we have. He will reach out to other trusted experts and get back to me.”
Eloim suddenly shushed the room and sat listening before he smiled.
“Alexia says the he is imprisoned in the circle of doors, while he is powerful there are others within the circle who are far more dangerous and if they escape they will destroy everything not only on our plane of life but even hell and all other realms could be imperilled.”
“The priest plans on destroying everything in a mistaken quest for power?” lady Vi asked.
“He’s not the first to do that, many times the Roman Emperors sought such power, always they failed.” The Countess said.
“The Priest is not some emperor but an individual of great power, there are few that could face him and survive without a powerful talisman, the only one I know we have we can’t use.” Lady Vi said.
“We need to destroy the clans that support him, starting with those who are going to attack the Paris clan.” the Countess said.
“We have warned Lord Luc of the attack but we can’t move out our fighters to help without being seen and tipping off the Priest we know of his plan, the Countesses may be able to move her clan unobserved though.” Polly said.
“I may be able to get some of us there so we could help in defending the Paris clan against this attack, it would mean trusting the bogeymen and their ways, if they agree to help us.” Eloim said.
“I can have a team ready and in place in time, after the events of the purge I have ensured we have a strong force of military experts, both in planning and execution of those plans. If your friends can get me and Polly here to Paris, we can give those attacking our friends in Paris a warm welcome.” The Countess said with a smile. “I could do with a work out and Polly here looks like she does too.”
“What about me?” Eloim asked.
“You’re staying by my side for now Eloim, lets keep you out of harms way.” his mother said, her tone final.

Polly and the Countess sat with their backs to the wardrobe door as Eloim opened it a crack. Tying a blindfold around each of their heads he walked around to stand in front of them.
“The blindfolds are for the boogeyman's protection so don’t try to remove them until they say. Now in a moment you will feel hands grab you and take you into the wardrobe, just relax and in no time you will be in the place in Paris you requested. Are you ready?” Eloim asked and both women nodded.
Eloim turned around from the wardrobe and spoke again. “OK boys, you can take them.”

Polly felt herself put down and sat waiting, after a few moments she heard a voice from behind her.
“You can take off your blindfolds now, good look vampires.”
Polly took a deep breath and removed her blindfold and looked around a strange room, the Countess was beside her and had also removed her own blindfold.
“Thank you.” The Countess said not looking around.
“You’re welcome.” The voice replied but it was quieter and seemed to be much further away.
“Well that was something new, it’s nice that after all those centuries you can experience something new. Lets go and find my team and get ready for killing things.” the Countess said with a smile.

Polly stood next to the Countess at the table studying the street plan before them. All around them the British vampires stood awaiting the order to move. The Paris clan were already in position waiting for the arrival of the Priests vampires. Once the forward elements of the attacking vampires began to move the Countess would order her own vampires to attack the reserves and the rest of their forces. With the upcoming battle taking place within the busy city of Paris the disruption on street level would have to be kept to a minimum so large explosions were to be avoided, if possible.
“The majority of the vampires are from the American clans so most of them will be armed with assorted firearms. We need to hit hard and fast and we have a few little surprises for them, George why don’t you show Polly some of your toys.” The Countess said.
The vampire identified as George beckoned Polly over to some crates in the corner.
“All of the vampires in this team are trained to use specialist weapons. For a while now the Countess has expected a war within the vampire clans so we are prepared and trained to respond. We have garlic smoke bombs, not fatal but if your eyes are bleeding out and your lungs feel on fire you won’t be able to defend yourself much. Next up is our own ammunition for our firearms, the casing shatters on impact releasing holy water into the wound, turns the small entry hole into a very large entry wound.”
“Eloim used a version of that with needles filled with holy water in his gloves.” Polly observed.
“I think I’ll have to steal that idea, it’s very ingenious, next up is the most dangerous of our toys, a concentrated ultra violet light beam, acts just like a laser beam but used to slice through vampire bodies, you just point it like a gun and press the button. Sure you won’t have any trouble using one.” George said opening the crate and handing her one.
“All of George’s toys are used to cause confusion and kill as many as possible before team two rush in and finish off what’s left of them. Before I turned him he worked for British intelligence in developing weapons for their agents. He has links to the most cutting edge weapons developers and access to their prototypes and latests projects.” The Countess said.
“Has Lord Luc managed to find out any idea on numbers?” Polly asked.
“We are facing at least four hundred, maybe more, the Priest is wanting to make an example so his plan was to swarm over a Paris clan that is already weakened from the attempt by Luc’s sister to overthrow him.” The Countess replied. “With the Americans being in a strange city they’ve had to limit their staging points to two warehouse out of the city centre, the first is where their forward units are and we hit the second where most of their forces are gathering. The American clans may not have much class but they do have large numbers.”

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