A Vampire Eloim Story, Keeper of the Lore. Book 5 part 17.

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Polly moved through the shadows in silence towards the warehouse where the American vampires had gathered. Around her moved the vampires of the Countess, as silent as she was herself. Coming to a stop close to the warehouse she waited as the lookouts were dispatched. Moving again she was soon climbing up the walls to the roof and was in position and waiting when the attack began.
The sound of breaking glass was followed by billowing clouds of smoke and screams from within the warehouse.
Leaning over a skylight she smashed the glass and pointed the ultra violet light rifle into the confusion and began to fire the beams down into the milling mass of confused vampires. Others of the British vampires fired rifles using their holy water ammunition and panic was rapidly setting into the vampire trapped within the building.
One of the British vampires came up beside her with a rope ready to drop into the warehouse.
“Time to pause our fire, we are ready for phase two. Once the shutters are blown in drop the rope but wait for the signal to drop down.” The man told her. “Those fools down there haven’t even distributed their beloved guns out yet so you don’t have to worry about them shooting up at you.”
“And what is the signal?” Polly asked.
“Don’t worry, you can’t miss it.” The man relied with a grin.

As the attacking vampires began to stop their attack from above the vampires inside began to look around in confusion, waiting for what else was to come. Many of their number were dead or still struggling from the garlic laced gas. Suddenly the shutters were blown in and as the smoke cleared a strange sound came from outside before a number of vampires rushed in with large swords drawn. As the fighting began again a lone vampire marched into the warehouse playing a set of bagpipes.
“Oh my, they brought in the bloody highlanders.” Polly said and grabbing the rope she clipped herself to it before absailing down into the warehouse.
Drawing her sword on the way down she landed behind a vampire and half severed his head before he knew she was there. Un-clipping herself from the rope she moved forward into the battle.

The Countess waited for the Highland clan to enter the warehouse and then followed the bagpipe player through the destroyed shutter. Looking around she saw the battle raging and drawing her sword she gave a smile and then strode forward cutting down vampires with casual ease. Before her she saw a mass of the American vampires rallying around a large man. Her own vampires were pressing them backwards but for the first time were meeting a sign of an organised resistance.
Walking towards the large vampire she casually cut down two more vampires before he noticed her. With a scream of recognition the large vampire pushed his own men out of the way to face her. The Countess stopped and waited for his approach, her own vampires moving back to allow him to pass.
“Come on then you old bitch, come and meet some American steel.” The vampire screamed at her.
“Lord Ryan, so nice to meet you for a final time, I’ll let the High Council know they have a vacancy.” The Countess said with a snarl.
Lord Ryan sprang forward his sword raised but the Countess easily blocked his sword and slid her own blade through his belly before reversing her swing and removing his head.
“You should have spent more time practising your sword play and less time firing your guns.” The Countess said to his fallen body.
With the death of the American Lord his surviving vampires began to throw down their weapons and put their arms up in surrender. Those who still put up resistance were quickly dispatched and as the Countess looked around the warehouse she noticed Polly her white hair making her easy to spot cutting through the last of the vampires who refused to surrender. Impressed with the skill shown by the daughter of Lady Vi the Countess walked over to meet her.
“You have learned much from your mother in your technique yet mix it seamlessly with your fathers more direct style.” The Countess said as she reached Polly.
“You seem to manage your own sword well also, although I don’t think you got out of first gear Countess.” Polly answered looking down at the Countesses blade. “My mother told me of your sword, it’s a thing of beauty.”
The Countess held up the blade and shrugged. “This old thing? I only keep it for sentimental reasons.”
“Is it really the blade you had forged for the high king?” Polly asked.
“Oh come on, I need my mysteries and legends about me. If I went answering all the questions where would that leave me in telling my tall tales?” The Countess said with a smile, “Let’s go see who we have taken prisoner, maybe some will have information that is of use.”

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