A Vampire Eloim Story, Keeper of the Lore. Book 5 part 18.

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Lord Luc stood as the Countess and Polly walked into his private office. “I trust everything went to plan?” He asked concern on his face.
“Better than hoped, Lord Ryan is dead as are over three hundred of his vampires, we have some fifty or so prisoners. How did your fight go? The Countess asked.
“Lord Grant is my prisoner and his men are dead or prisoners, all went to plan.” Lord Luc said with a smile, his relief evident.
“The American clans have taken a heavy beating tonight, I doubt Lord Vincent will be eager to act and give more of his clan members to support to the priest. With the other two American clans now leaderless and all but destroyed the priest will struggle to gain any more support .” Polly said in satisfaction.
“Milady Polly, it is good to see you looking so well, when I visited the citadel you were still in ill health.” Lord Luc said. “Could I ask how my wife is faring, we speak on that screen thing as much as possible but I fear she is trying to put my mind at rest.”
“She is spending time with my sisters Karla and Lisa, they take her out shopping and to the theatre, not as grand as what she is used to in Paris but we are trying to make her feel at home. With the events tonight hopefully we can end the play acting and return her home to you.” Polly replied.
“Once the word spreads of what happened tonight I think we will have to worry less about other clans joining the Priest. He has lost his American support and now we need to press our advantage against him. I think we need to get the Lady Vi to Paris to discuss our next move.” the Countess said. “We avoided a full clan war tonight but until we bring the priest to ground we can’t take anything for granted.”

Gary walked into Eloim’s room and sat on the closed coffin belonging to Polly. “Mum has gone to Paris via the Bogeyman express with lady Luc and most of our sisters. It seems the American clans are well beaten so we need to plan the next step in the war.”
“You mean our sisters took the chance to go shopping while I’m grounded to this citadel.” Eloim replied not stopping from his reorganisation of his skirt wardrobe.
“Well that’s another way to explain why the citadel is half deserted.” Gary said.
“It’s not fair you know, I’m stuck here while everyone else gets to go out and about.” Eloim moaned.
“Fair? You’re not the one left babysitting.” Gary answered causing Eloim to finally turn around.
“I’m sorry, you missed that Abba convention thing didn’t you.” Eloim said walking over and sitting next to Gary.
“Don’t worry there is always next year Eloim.” Gary said forcing a smile.
“But you’ve never missed a convention since it started, it’s not right for you to miss out.” Eloim said.
Before Gary could reply an alarm went off causing him to shoot up and head for the door.
“Stay here Eloim, I’ll be back as soon as I know what’s happening.” Gary said.
“No way, I’m coming with you.” Eloim said as he picked up his sword and followed his brother. “You don’t have time to stop me.”

Gary raced into the control room, Eloim a step behind. J.C. sat in the control chair frantically pressing buttons.
“Gary they’re getting past all our defences, nothing is even slowing them down.”
“Who are?” Gary asked.
“No idea, they’re taking out the cameras as they go, at this rate they will be inside the citadel in less than two minutes.” J.C. answered.
“Order all human servants to use emergency escape tunnels, all clan to arm up and get ready and head for the main hall.” Gary ordered. “Eloim, stay with me.”
Gary marched into the main hall, already over thirty other vampires of the clan had arrived and stood waiting. Eloim looked around the hall at his family as they stood with their weapons, awaiting orders to go kill those attacking their home.
“Whoever is attacking us has to come through this hall, we meet them here and kill them all.” Gary shouted and the clan shouted their approval as they prepared to fight.
Eloim pulled his sword and stood watching the doorway where those attacking the citadel would come.
“Gary, what sort of creature could so quickly get through all of our defences?” Eloim asked as he saw the doors to the hall begin to smoke and then burst into flame.
As the first of the creatures burst though the doorway Gary swore. “Cherufe, we need to run.” Gary said as he pushed Eloim behind him. “Fire demons, everyone scatter.” He shouted as he forced Eloim out of the hall.
Eloim looked back in horror as the new comers launched their attack on his brothers and sisters. With swords drawn some of the family tried to hold back the demons allowing the rest to retreat but as the temperature in the hall increased and with their swords having no effects on the demons were soon past the attempted rearguard.
“Eloim you need to do what I say, you need to run to your room and get your friends in the wardrobe to get you out of here.” Gary said as he looked back down the hall to where the doors were already starting to smoke, three of Eloim’s brothers including J.C. stood waiting to try and hold the passage hoping the narrower space would buy more time for the rest of the family to escape.
“I won’t leave you Gary.” Eloim said refusing to move.
“You must, the citadel is burning and we must save you. We can slow these creatures down but we can’t stop them. That damn priest has learnt from his last attack and how we used fire to defend ourselves so is using creatures of fire to avoid our defences. They’ve come for you so let us thwart them.” Gary said grabbing Eloim and pushing him backwards.
“Gary. Come with me.” Eloim pleaded.
The doors burst into flame as Gary turned to Eloim. “Beat this priest for me Eloim, now run so your brothers don’t die for nothing.”
Eloim turned and ran and soon reached his room, with tears streaming down his face he approached his wardrobe and fell to his knees.
“We are here, every one of our people available is here too, once we found out you were under attack we came for you. We will save as many of your family as we can Vampire Eloim.” a voice said as he was gently lifted up.

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Nice I hope they save his ABBA loving brother, Gary.