A Vampire Eloim Story, Keeper of the Lore. Book 5 part 19.

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Eloim sat in the bogeyman room, it was in a place between places where only the bogeymen could find. He knew that his home was burning and many of his family had died in the flames. He now sat waiting for word from the bogeymen on if they had managed to save anyone.
“The Cherufe had expended their life force, they cannot long survive beyond their home environment. We have managed to grab six of your family from the citadel and they are safe.” the voice of the bogeyman said sadly
“Only six?” Eloim asked knowing that the heart of his family had been ripped out.
“Others have escaped down tunnels that your humans used, we have our people looking out for others who may be still within the citadel.” The voice said but with little hope.
“We thought we had scored a great victory in Paris but it was just a distraction so they could destroy our home.” Eloim said.
“The Cherufe are a simple creature and were easily manipulated and turned to the will of the priest. He used them to destroy your home but they were the victims of his plots just as much as your family.” the voice told Eloim.
“I need your help, I need a way for me to kill the priest.” Eloim said wiping the tears from his face.

Lady Vi sat in her rooms in Paris waiting for any more news, her clan citadel was destroyed and most of the clan there were dead. A handful had been saved by the bogeymen while others had escaped through tunnels but her family there had been all but wiped out. The Priest had reacted quickly to his defeat in Paris and destroyed her home and killed many of her children. The bogeymen insisted Eloim was safe from the Priest but the pain she felt for the loss of the rest of her children was overpowering. The very strength of the family she had built with her husband was now turned against her in it’s fall. Lady Vi looked up as the Countess walked in carrying a large bag, followed by a very sheepish Polly.
“It seems your daughters are as headstrong as their father and were planning to go off after the Priest by themselves.” The Countess said throwing an angry look at Polly.
“We need to cut that creep down to size by removing his head.” Polly said, her defiance still evident.
“If you tried then you would all be dead Polly, even you and your sisters are no match for the priest.” Lady Vi said sadly. “I can’t lose the rest of you to him.”
“That’s why I told them they do nothing without the two of us being with them.” The Countess said and before lady Vi could answer she held up her hand. “You’ve been the lady for too long, time for your daughters to see the other you. You need to awaken that inner dragon of yours and take the fight to your enemies.”
“I won’t release that, I can’t let my girls see that side of me.” Lady Vi answered.
“You studied ancient history did you not Polly?” The Countess said as she placed the bag on the table. “Take up your sword and avenge your husband and children.”
Lady Vi half reached out to the bag but stopped.
“The blade is cursed Boud, I don’t know if I’d be able to come back another time from it.” Lady Vi whispered.
“We don’t have a choice, we need to act to protect Eloim and your remaining children.” The Countess said. “The sword is the only thing I know with the power to protect you from any magic the priest uses. We don’t have any other item to match him.
“If I fall to the sword’s dark power you promise you use that old sword of yours to kill me.”
“Mother what are you saying?” Polly said in shock.
“I swear I won’t allow you to become the dragon again.” The Countess answered. “If I am able.”

Eloim sat in the room, he could sense the presence of one of the bogeymen behind him. Suddenly he heard a faint voice and instantly concentrated on it.
“Eloim, can you hear me?” The voice asked and Eloim felt his spirits lift.
“Alexia, I need your help.” Eloim whispered.
“I need you to go somewhere so we can talk properly, have your new friend take you. He will know the place.”
“I know the place, will he have your protection?” The Bogeyman said.
“No creature there will harm him, you have my word.” Alexia answered.
“How can you hear her?” Eloim asked the bogeyman.
“We are not in your world but in the between where we can communicate with all realms. We go to a place now where you can meet, after a fashion. You wanted help so we have sent for help.”

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