A Vampire Eloim Story, Keeper of the Lore. Book 5 part 20.

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Eloim was placed on the floor and felt the bogeyman withdraw, he was used to their presence now and could tell now where they were and if they were safely hidden.
The room where he was was bare of anything but a large gilded mirror in the centre of the room and a wardrobe with the door slightly open. Eloim stood and walked over to it and after a second he saw the image of Alexia begin to appear.
“Is this real?” Eloim asked.
“As real as it can be my vampire, now you need to listen as time is short, I’m sacrificing over ten thousand prisoners to make this link.” Alexia said.
“What! You can’t do that.” Eloim said in shock.
“Don’t worry I’m not but need to get you focused. Now your mother is ready to take up a demon blade again to defeat the Priest but it will destroy her, every time she cuts someone down more of her will die. In the next room I’ve gained you a talisman and a new outfit, including two swords that are twins. If you want to save your mother you must defeat the Priest before she loses herself in battle.” Alexia told him.
“How can I defeat the Priest, he uses the dark arts to defend himself?” Eloim asked.
“That is why you have a talisman to protect you from his arts, the outfit is so you kill him in style.” Alexia said with a smile.
Eloim was about to ask another question but the image of Alexia began to fade away. After a moment a door opened and a strange short creature beckoned him over. Walking over to a table the strange creature passed him a chain with a blood red crystal attached and signalled for him to put it over his head. Eloim placed the chain over his head and let the crystal fall into place.
Then the creature pointed to a box and two sabre swords of exquisite beauty and withdrew to the side of the room. Eloim picked up one of the swords and pulled it from it’s scabbard, the feel and balance of the sword matched it’s look and he marvelled at the quality. Finally returning the sword to it’s scabbard he opened the box and smiled before closing the lid, taking up the swords he fastened them around his waist before picking up the box.
“Thank you.” He said to the creature and then returned to the other room and stood with his back to the cupboard door where the bogeyman waited.

Once back in his room Eloim placed the box with the outfit provided by Alexia on the floor and sighed.
“How is it I could hear Alexia here when I’ve struggled so much before in the citadel?”
“You are in the between, once your mind calmed after your escape from your home it was easy to hear. You can talk to many people from different realms if you know how.” The bogeyman answered.
“And that place you took me to?” Eloim asked.
“It is just the place where you go to talk face to face and exchange items. It has no name you would understand.” The bogeyman answered.
“I must find the priest before my mother does, Alexia says if she faces the priest with some sword she is carrying it will destroy her. Can you help me?” Eloim asked.
“There may be a problem with that, your mother left with your sisters and the Countess to attack a nest where those loyal to the priest are hiding.” The bogeyman answered.
Eloim jumped up in panic. “You have to get me there!”
“We can’t get into the nest, it has no doors on the inside for us to use. Your mother travelled by other means to get there.” The bogeyman said sadly. “Somehow the priest knows we are helping you and has acted to prevent us learning his plans, that is how he planned the attack on your home without us knowing.”
“Can you get me close to this nest?” Eloim asked.
“But your mother said…”The bogeyman started.
“Listen how long has the nest been door free?” Eloim asked.
“I’m not sure, we don’t hang around every door all the time, especially in vampire nests as there isn’t a lot of food to be had.” The bogeyman answered.
“The priest has set a trap for my mother, his aim is to destroy all opposition to his plans. I need to get a few things and then you have to get me as close as you can to this nest.”

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