A Vampire Eloim Story, Keeper of the Lore. Book 5 part 21.

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Polly sat in the back of a lorry looking over at her mother, trying to get used to the sight of her dressed for a fight. While Polly knew her mum was an expert swords-woman it had been rare in Polly’s life as a vampire that she had ever drawn a sword apart from in training her children. Beside Polly sat Karla, Lisa and Dagma, each lost in their own memories. Recent events had put an unusual quietness over the surviving family and the lack of banter was unnerving to Polly. On the other side of her mum sat the Countess and the strange vampire Penny. As they were leaving Penny had fallen in with them, their mother had taken a momentary pause before giving Penny a slight nod.
“The trucks will be dropping us off in a minute and we go the rest of the way on foot. I’ve got my vampires watching the entrances and they are ready to take out the lookouts.” The Countess said breaking the silence.
“Have you been able to work out how many are living in the nest?” the Lady Vi asked.
“Over the last week we’ve identified some two dozen different vampires going in and out but no sign of any others. Deliveries into the nest also suggest that not many more are in there, just in case my Highlanders are waiting to give back-up.” The Countess replied.
“In that case we may as well send Serenity and the second truck back as there won’t be enough of them to go around.” Lisa said, a slight flash of her old self showing.
“I’ll let you break that news, sure Heather in particular will have something to say about being sent home.” Polly said.
“We all go in and take no chances, you were all trained by father and Gary to be professionals so you all act like it.”Lady Vi said and looked at each of her daughters in the lorry.
As the trucks came to a stop they all stood and waited as the doors were opened. Jumping down to the street they waited as Serenity, Heather and the others came up to join them.
“Countess, the closest entrance is just over the street where a couple of guards are disguised as rough sleepers. The other five entrances are also guarded but we have our marksmen ready to take them out on your command.” A large vampire said dressed from head to foot in a black tactical uniform.
The Countess looked around at the dozen women, pretty much all that was left of lady Vi’s clan fighters and nodded. “Lets get started then, John, give the order.”

Eloim felt himself placed on the floor and the bogeyman withdraw back behind the door.
“You are on a roof, two blocks from the nest, make your presence known to the British vampires as they have marksmen that could shoot you before they know who you are.” The bogeyman said.
“Thank you, hopefully I’ll see you soon.” Eloim said.
“I just have to say your demon picked a strange outfit for you, what is with the…” The bogeyman started.
“I know but at least the boots are knee length and have a bit of a heel.” Eloim cut in before he set off silently to find the closest marksman.
Spotting a huddled figure Eloim came up silently behind him and clamped a hand over his mouth.
“Don’t over react, I’m Eloim and I need to know if my mum has gone in there yet.” Eloim whispered.
The marksman nodded and then threw an elbow backwards dislodging Eloim. Spinning around he quickly had a knife in one hand and then stopped.
“You move quietly, I must say I expected from the stories about you that you’d be more stylish and less..”
“Yes, I know. Now warn your friends I’m going into the nest as your Countess and my family are walking into a trap.
“How do you know?”The marksman asked.
“You ever heard of a nest without any doors at all. They’ve all been removed to prevent our new friends spying on them. Now clear me a way in.” Eloim pressed urgently wanting to get going.
The marksman nodded and spoke into a microphone. “All shooters stand down, single friendly mark heading to the nest roof from my position. Repeat single friendly mark heading in. Take out the upper roof guard so we have entry.”
Eloim watched as the guard by the doorway was quickly dispatched and gave a nod of thanks. Taking a dozen steps back he started running and launched himself off the roof and onto the next, not slowing he ran across that roof before leaping to the nest roof. As the marksman watched through the scope of his rifle he saw Eloim reach the nest roof and enter the doorway into the nest.

Lady Vi and the Countess led the party down into the nest, ahead they could hear the sound of the vampires they sought. Just before the last bend Penny reached out and touched Lady Vi’s arm before stepping in close.
“This is a trap, there are many more vampires down here than we thought. Also I sense the Priest, he’s trying to hide himself but there are little trails he can’t hide.”
Lady Vi looked over to the Countess who shook her head and pointed back the way they had come. After a moment Lady Vi nodded her head and turned back to her daughters.
Suddenly the was a sound of large metal doors falling and all knew the entrances were being sealed.
“Why don’t you come in ladies, rather than hiding in the passage.” A voice shouted.
“I’m going to gut that bloody priest if it’s the last thing I do.” Snarled Lady Vi. “Lets go, and get ready to slice up those cowards. Remember to avoid the priest, I’ll face him alone.”

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