A Vampire Eloim Story, Keeper of the Lore. Book 5 part 22.

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Eloim stopped just short of the balcony as he heard the crash of metal doorways crashing down, sealing off the entrances to the nest. Ahead of him two vampires waited acting as look-outs on the balcony. Below in the great hall of the nest he could sense that a large number of other vampire waited and then heard the priest invite his mother into the hall. Silently drawing his swords Eloim stepped forward from the shadow of the passage and cut down the two vampires before they knew he was there. Looking around to ensure he wasn’t observed he dragged the two bodies back into the passage he had come down.
Edging back to the balcony he watched as his mother entered the main hall, flanked by the Countess, Miss Penny and Polly. Behind them his sisters spread out, their swords drawn. In front of them over two hundred vampires waited while the Priest stood to the back of them, just below the balcony where Eloim stood.

“There is no need for you to die Lady Vi, just lay down your swords and surrender. I didn’t want all this violence and death, just the childe Eloim.” The Priest said calmly.
“How about you try to take our swords from us, I really think you don’t have the numbers to take them from us though.” Lady Vi answered looking around at the vampires facing them.
“Please stop it with the false bravado, you are trapped and out numbered. The Countess’s forces won’t be able to break into this nest to save you.” The Priest said in a smug voice. “Did you really think I’d not planned all this out to the last detail.”
Eloim opened a back pack he had come in with and carefully opened a wooden box. Inside was two balloons filled with liquid. Carefully he leaned over the balcony and dropped them into the crowd of vampires. As the balloons landed they exploded spreading their contents onto the crowded vampires. Flames engulfed some of the vampires as the holy water touched exposed skin. Those vampires closest began to furiously back away from those covered in the liquid and avoid the flames spreading while others looked around for the source of the attack.
“Hello, down there!” Shouted Eloim, “I think I took a wrong turn somewhere.”
All eyes turned to look up at the balcony where Eloim stood already digging into his backpack.
“Eloim! What are you doing here and what in the twelve hells are you wearing?” His mother shouted.
“Why is everyone asking me about what I’m wearing?” Eloim answered as he pulled out a bottle and removed the lid.
The Priest looked up just in time to see Eloim pour out more liquid from the large bottle. The Priest and the vampires around him began to scream as the liquid hit their upturned faces, burning their skin and eyes.
“I think it’s about time to start fighting!” Eloim shouted as he leapt from the balcony to land close to the Priest, his swords drawn he began to cut left and right into the startled vampires.
Lady Vi reacted before Eloim even landed and charged into the milling vampires loyal to the Priest, her daughters, the Countess and Miss Penny a step behind. She had to cut her way through to Eloim before he tried to face the priest.
Panic spread quickly through the priests vampires as Eloim’s mum and sisters slashed their way through their masses, the pain and losses they had suffered giving them added fury that made them seem stoppable. As the Lady Vi swung her sword she could feel her rage only growing and felt herself begin to lose control as thoughts of saving Eloim were replaced with a lust for blood and death. The Countess and Miss Penny fought together with skilled efficiency cutting down any vampire that tried to get behind the Lady Vi and her daughters. Packed together the Priests vampires had little room to draw weapons or use their guns and could offer little defence and quickly those to the back of them who were able began to run from the hall.

Eloim cut his way to the priest who was still suffering from the liquid, laced with garlic that had burned into his face, half blind he finally saw Eloim approaching him as he cut down the last vampire between them. With a curse the priest released a spell at Eloim that would rot the flesh from his bones. Eloim smiled as the priest looked at him in confusion and he cast a second spell that sent flames to engulf Eloim but the flames died out as they reached him.
“You seems out of sorts with your magic.”Eloim said cheerfully. “Do you want to try again, they say third time is the charm?”
The priest began to mumble and then pushed both arms violently towards Eloim with a scream of rage. Bright light engulfed Eloim but quickly faded , Eloim looked down at himself and then back to the priest.
“Why won’t you die?”The priest screamed in desperation.
Eloim slashed one of his swords through the priests outstretched arms, all but severing both.
As the priest fell to his knees Eloim stepped forward and drove one of his swords into his chest.
“Would you mind just holding that one for me, I need to use both hands to make sure I remove your head cleanly, it wouldn’t look as good if I have to keep hacking at it.” Eloim said taking hold of his other sword with both hands. “Did I mention I got myself some new jewellery, not the most stylish but is great for deflecting dark magic.” Eloim said and swinging the blade neatly removing the Priests head. Before the body crumpled to the floor Eloim pulled clear his other sword before turning to see his mother approaching, the priest vampires already in full rout.

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So are we ever going to learn what Eloim was wearing?


With so much build up I can't not let you know.