A Vampire Eloim Story, Keeper of the Lore. Book 5 part 23.

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Eloim’s mum was covered in blood and gore and her eyes glowed red as she swung the Dragon Sword killing the vampires that were trying to now flee. Behind her Polly and his sisters followed, stepping over the bodies left in their mothers wake. Eloim stood waiting for her approach, watching as she cut down the vampires, a look of fury on her face.
“How dare you kill the priest childe, he was mine to kill for his crimes.” Eloim’s mum hissed in fury as she reached him and struck out at Eloim with her fist, knocking him off his feet.
Behind her Eloim’s sisters stopped in shock and looked at each other unsure of what to do. Eloim’s mum started towards Eloim again as he lay on the floor, raising the dragon sword to strike. As she swung the sword down a blade blocked it as the Countess stepped in.
“Lady Vi, I can’t let you do that. Come back and put away the unleashed dragon.” She said looking her friend in the face, searching for any sign of her.
“I am the dragon!” Eloim’s mum screamed and pulling her sword back attacked the Countess who found herself desperately defending herself from the furious attack. Miss Penny tried to intervene but received a backhand from Lady Vi that sent her flying backwards to crash into a wall.
Polly ran over to Eloim to help him to his feet but he shrugged her off to stand.
“Enough!” Eloim shouted, in a voice that echoed around the hall, Polly fell backwards in shock as the voice was not Eloim’s but she recognized it.
Eloim’s mum had just knocked the Countess from her feet but spun at the sound of the voice to face Eloim again.
“Why do you meddle in things that are not your concern?” Eloim’s mum spat in fury.
“Release the vampire or I will destroy you Dragon, you know you can not stand against me.” Eloim replied in the strange voice, full of power.
“She is mine, she took up the sword willingly.” Lady Vi spat back.
Eloim seemed to grow, shadowy great wings formed as the room grew darker and all felt the build up of power.
“Last chance to release the vampire Dragon.” Eloim warned but all now knew it was the Demon Alexia who spoke through him.
Lady Vi raised the dragon blade as if to attack but Eloim just raised his hand and Lady Vi flew backwards across the length of the hall to hit the wall behind her. Instantly she sprang up and rushed to attack Eloim, raising the sword again and bringing it around in a deadly arc, Eloim raised his own swords and crossed the blades to catch the dragon blade, with a twist of his blades the trapped dragon blade shattered, Lady Vi looked in shock at the shattered blade before the red light in her eyes faded and after a moment collapsed to the floor.
Eloim looked to the Countess who was being helped to her feet by Miss Penny.
“Once she wakes she will be herself again, the spirit of the dragon is returned to where it should be. Such blades should not be in this world.” Already Eloim was looking less like the towering demon and his voice was returning to normal, with a last sigh he fell to his knees.
Polly rushed to his side and held him stopping him from fully falling.
“You’ve got some explaining to do brother.” Polly said.
“Can’t it wait, I’m exhausted.” Eloim managed to say.
“I’ll wait on hearing how you managed to kill the priest and get your girlfriend to come to the rescue with mum but you have to tell me why you’re here wearing a sexy nun outfit. What possessed you to wear this in public?” Polly asked.
“Alexia picked it out for me.” Eloim said with a slight grin looking over to where his mum lay held by the Countess and surrounded by his other sisters. “Is she going to be all right?”
“Alexia said so, now let’s get out of this stinking nest and to somewhere with comfortably coffins and hot showers.” Polly said helping Eloim to his feet.
As they approached their mother the Countess was helping her to her feet. “You’ve got some explaining to do Eloim, I was told you were stylish but you turn up in a cheap fancy dress costume to kill an enemy who should be far beyond you and then destroy a demon blade.” The countess said.
“His girlfriend picked it out for him, it’s a reminder of their time in Transylvania.” Polly said. “As for the rest he just has a knack for it.”
“I can’t wait to hear the full story, I’m sure it will put mine to shame.” The Countess said with a smile.

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