A Vampire Eloim Story, Keeper of the Lore. Book 5 part 24.

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Eloim sat in his hotel room in Paris waiting to be summoned to the emergency High Council meeting. The Clan leaders from around the world had been arriving for the last two nights to attend the meeting which was to be held as soon as the Lady Vi was well enough to attend. He was sharing the room with Junior who had also escaped the attack on the citadel but his brother was busy cataloguing the books and scrolls that the bogeymen had worked to rescue after snatching the vampire from his library.
Eloim was brought out of his musing by a knock at his door and after a brief pause Miss Penny walked in.
“Your mum is doing well but the Countess is insisting she remains in her coffin another day at least and nobody will question the Countess, even your mum is following her orders.” Miss Penny said walking over to sit opposite Eloim.
“Am I going to be in trouble?” Eloim asked. “I killed the priest and accepted aid from an enemy of our kind.”
“There will be consequence over the death of the priest, not least the fact that we have no priest. There must always be a priest to keep the lore and history of our kind.” Miss Penny said. “We must await the choosing of the new priest.”
“It wasn’t my fault, I killed him because he was behind the murder of my father and most of my family.” Eloim said defiantly. “It was him who came after me.”
“The priest broke the laws and caused a clan war, you will not be punished for his death, already most of those who sided with him have been arrested for their part in his crimes. You will be questioned over that talisman you wear though, did you realise it was linked to your demon so she could come through to aid you in person?” Miss penny asked.
“No, Alexia just told me it would protect me from the priest’s magic.” Eloim replied.
“That is powerful demon magic you have protecting you and there is much talk of how you managed to get an enemy of our people to help you defeat the priest and free your mother from the dragon spirit. I fear that you’re not going to like what is to happen.” Miss Penny said sadly.
“What do you mean?” Eloim asked.
Miss Penny held out a small golden ring. “This is the Ring of the Priest, the ring is said to hold the lore of our race. I tried to wear it thinking I could access it’s knowledge but it didn’t work, I think I hoped that I could be the new priest but that isn’t my destiny. It seems the ring is just a ring though, a symbol of office.”
Eloim took the ring from her hand and held it up to look at it.
“It doesn’t look much,” Eloim said in disappointment. “not for a symbol of such power in our kind.”
“I know, I also noticed it gets heavier if you wear it, try it on and see.” Miss Penny said.
Eloim placed it on his finger and instantly felt dizzy as the ring shrank to fit tightly around his finger, then the visions began.
“I’m sorry Eloim, I had hoped it wasn’t you.” Miss Penny said sadly. “My bad for tricking you, as the kids say.”
The door opened and Polly walked in, a look of concern on her face.
“I’m sorry Polly, he is the one.” Miss Penny said sadly.
“Damn, I’m not sure the rest of vampire kind is ready for Eloim the priest.” Polly said looking at her brother as the ring continued to show him the visions of vampire lore and history.
“Let’s go get a drink, I’m sure we have some time before he comes around.” Miss Penny said standing up. “Don’t worry, he’s quite safe here.”

After over an hour Eloim’s eyes flicked open and he took a huge breath.
“This has to be a mistake.”
From the partly open door to the bathroom a voice spoke.
“I said there was another reason the Priest wanted you dead, he saw you were to replace him.” The bogeyman said. “Goodbye vampire and thank you for saving my people.”
Eloim rolled onto his front and pushed himself up as he tried to shut the last of the visions from his mind.
“This is so unfair,”he gasped as he sat up, his head throbbing. “I had the perfect outfit back at the citadel to go with this ring.”

The End.

So that's it, the last of my stories of a teenage vampire with a passion for fashion and a thirst for blood. I'm not sure if there will be any more Vampire Eloim stories as he isn't the teenage trouble maker any more.

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I thoroughly enjoyed that story @alienbutt, thank yo for sharing it with us. and a fitting end for Eloim.


Thank you, I did enjoy writing the Vampire Eloim stories and it's always nice to hear others enjoy them.

  ·  2년 전

Thank you, I enjoyed it too


thank you for reading'