A Vampire Eloim Story, Keeper of the Lore. Book 5 part 7.

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Lord Vi and his party had arrived at the rest house on the outskirts of Paris a couple of hours before daybreak. The priest had insisted that they travel fast and in secret, staying away from any of the main clan citadels. Until they were safely in Rome and in the citadel of the High Council he insisted it was best to avoid large crowds.
While Lord Vi was suspicious of the priests intentions all rest houses were under the direct protection of the High Council and so a safe place to stay as no clan would dare break covenant with the council and other clans.
Arriving at the house unannounced they were informed by the keeper of the house that most of the rooms were taken by a large party from America who were doing a tour of Europe but he could fit them in if they didn’t mind staying on separate floors. Lord Vi had escorted Eloim to his room and checked it over before being escorted to his own that was on the top floor. The rest houses were basic with the room containing little more than a standard coffin for the guests to sleep in. Miss Penny and the priest had both been escorted to another wing of the house.
Lord Vi was getting ready to take to his coffin early when there was a knock at the door, with a silent curse at the interruption he walked over and opened it slightly to see Miss Penny stood outside, looking around nervously.
“You’d better have a good reason to disturb me.” Lord Vi said, his tone unfriendly.
“Shut up and let me in, we are betrayed.” Miss Penny said pushing open the door and walking in quickly.
“What do you mean?” Lord Vi asked, despite his dislike for Penny there was still a respect for her.
“The Americans, they’re here to kidnap Eloim, you’re to be taken dead or alive.” Miss Penny said urgently.
“Get to Eloim and get him to safety, I’ll make sure those New World trash regret breaking the covenant of hospitality while you get away. What of the French vampires running the house?” Lord Vi asked walking into his room to buckle on his sword belt.
“The Paris clan here are ignorant of the plot but there are others working with the Americans.” Miss Penny said opening the door. “I’ll get your son out of here and head back to your citadel as soon as possible, stay safe.”
“You too,” Lord Vi said and paused a moment as the door shut behind Miss Penny. “old friend.”

Eloim woke with a start as his coffin lid was wrenched open, he opened his eyes to see Miss Penny standing over him.
“You need to move quick, we have been betrayed.” she urged.
“What, where is my father?” Eloim asked confused.
“I’ve warned him and he sent me to get you out of here. Your father is the greatest warrior I’ve ever known so don’t worry about him, we need to get you hidden so you can’t be used against him.” Penny urged. “Get over to your closet and find something to wear that we can move quickly in.”
“If father is in trouble we must get to him, I can’t leave him to stand alone.” Eloim said as he climbed out of his coffin.
“Listen well Eloim, enemies move against us and your father as we speak but they will regret it, more will be coming to get you. If they take you prisoner they can use you to force your clan to surrender. I have to get you to safety and trust your father can fight his way clear of this trap. Now do as your father has ordered.” Miss Penny ordered.
Eloim rushed over to his closet door to grab some clothes but as he opened it a large hand reached out from behind the door and dragged him into the closet. Miss Penny swore and ran over to drag the door open only to find the closet empty, Eloim had disappeared.
Hearing sounds from the hallway outside Eloim’s room she spun and drew the sword she wore just as the door burst inwards and four vampires burst in.
“Where is the Vi brat?” one of the vampires demanded.
“I don’t know, I came to get him but he wasn’t here.” Miss Penny lied quickly. “Start a search for him, the priest will not be happy if he escapes.”
As the vampires turned to leave the room Miss Penny sprang forward and two of the vampires were down before they knew they were under attack, the other two fell just moments later.

To be continued.

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