A Vampire Eloim Story, Keeper of the Lore. Book 5 part 9.

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Eloim felt a hand gently push him through the doorway and found himself in his room. Turning around he knew the bogeymen had already gone.
“Thank you.” He whispered and fell to his knees, everything was happening so fast he couldn’t keep up. Taking some deep breaths he got control of his thoughts before standing up. He looked around his room before turning and racing for his parent’s rooms. He was half way there when the citadel alarm went off. Up ahead of him Gary came out of his room and spied Eloim, a look of shock on his face at seeing his brother back within the citadel.
“You should be in Paris, I think you need to follow me to mother, you can save us both time and explain why you are here to us both at the same time.” Gary said and set off for their parent’s room with Eloim silently falling in behind. “I take it the alarm going off has something to do with you being back here too.”

Gary walked straight into their parent’s rooms with Eloim just behind, their mother was stood in the centre of the room fastening a sword belt around her waist. She looked up and saw Eloim behind Gary and beckoned him forward.
“I know about your father, we are linked in ways beyond the physical. You were betrayed at the rest house in Paris not ten minutes ago, I set of the alarms as we will soon be attacked too.” his mother said, her sadness hidden behind an iron will Eloim had rarely seen in her.
“Miss Penny came to warn me of the treachery, when I went to the closet to get some clothes I was grabbed by a bogeyman. His brother tried to grab father too but there was too many vampires…” Eloim trailed off looking down at the floor.
“Wait a minute, what’s happened to Dad?” Gary burst out in shock.
“He was betrayed and murdered.” their mother answered softly. “Put aside your pain for we now need to defend our home.”
Gary took a deep breath and gave a nod, his face becoming an unreadable mask.
“Eloim I am constantly surprised by the allies you make; the bogeymen have never been known to interact with any other species.” his mother said as she looked over at Gary. “They will attack us before nightfall, are all our defences ready?”
“I’ve double checked all of father’s defences for our citadel personally after he left, everything is automated on the minor tunnels into the citadel and it would take an army to break through the two main entrances.” Gary announced.
“We must defend our citadel, then we will wade through a sea of vampire blood to avenge our Lord. Gather everyone in the main hall so I can let the family know; Eloim you stay with me.” their mother said and waited for Gary to leave.
“I’m sorry mum; the bogeymen dragged me away. I couldn’t get to stand by dad and fight with him. Everything happened so fast, the rest house was supposed to be neutral and a safe house.” Eloim blurted out.
“Do not apologies my childe, this was not of your making. We will find out who planned this and have our revenge.” his mother replied trying to give comfort to Eloim.
“The bogeymen said the priest is the leader of those who move against us.” Eloim said.
“If they would help us they would make valuable allies in the war to come. Would it be possible?” his mother asked.
“I don’t know, they said if their elders found out about helping me they would be punished.” Eloim said.
“Well let us fight off this night’s attack and then we will find out who our allies are. Your father set up the most amazing defences for our home, for a species that live such short lives the humans are very good at making traps. Our attackers will expect magical defences which we have but it’s human science and technology that will destroy them tonight.”

Gary stood in the citadel control room watching the banks of screens showing the citadel CCTV cameras. When the first alarm went off to say intruders had entered one of the lesser tunnels he gave a smile. Within minutes the alarm tripped on the warehouse where Eloim had left to go hunt for Polly.
“Junior, go tell Mother they have arrived.” Gary said as he watched the intruders enter the tunnels. “Father has ensured they’d have a warm welcome.”
Junior nodded as he turned for the door. “Looks like those coming through the warehouse are carrying guns, you know what that means.”
“Bloody American clans, those New World vampires just have no sense of tradition.” Gary said with contempt.
“They won’t have a sense of anything soon.” Junior said as he left the room.
In the first tunnel to be breached large steel doors slammed down in front and behind the invaders, trapping them. As the intruders milled around unseen sprinklers sprayed gas into the air before an igniter sparked turning the tunnel where they were trapped into a fireball.
Minutes later the same thing happened in the second tunnel.
Gary picked up a phone and dialled a number. “Karla have you found them?” he listened for a moment. “Take them out.”

Karla put down the phone and looked at Dagmar. “We have the green light.”
Dagmar picked up a rocket launcher and looked over to the two lorries parked down the street.
“Hurry up and get your boom-stick then, I’ll take the back one.”
Karla smiled as she picked up her own rocket launcher. “Let’s send them our fathers regards then, we fire on three.”

Lady Vi walked into the control room and looked at the screens.
“Just the control vehicle to get, Eric and his team are awaiting your word.” Gary said.
“I want a couple alive to question, we need to know what clans we face, get Lord Luc of the Paris Clan on the phone while we wait for them to bring in some prisoners.”
“Give the order to Eric then contact Lord Luc that the Lady Vi demands to speak with him.” Gary said to Sebastian who sat in front of the monitors. “We estimate over two hundred dead on their side tonight. Such a defeat will make those unsure about joining the fight against us even more so.”
“Post recorded feed to this social media the young one’s use, show the world what happens to those who attack us.” Lady Vi said, an edge to her voice none of her children had ever heard before.

To be continued.

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