Lisa The Uni- Mermaid


By: Dimandrainbow

For Eme, My loving cousin

Chapter One: Uni-mermaids
If you go deep in the ocean you will find a beautiful kingdom it is like heaven, but the people of the water kingdom was not mermaids, fish or sea monsters they are known as Uni-Mermaids a Unicorn that has a mermaid tail. Lisa was one of them, she loved being one of them… but she really wanted to go to land. She wanted to be a real unicorn, with legs.
What she didn’t know was that she had powers. Not mermaid powers or unicorn powers. But she had an amazing power, but I’m not gonna tell you what it is yet not just yet. Nobody knows what it is… not even Lisa.

“Hello! I’m back!”, said Lisa’s mother.

End chapter

Chapter Two: Fish Time

Lisa's Mom, "I am gonna tell what type what of fish it is, guess the fish I got and then I’ll tell you", "Let me guess mom" said Linda. octopus!!” "No,i'm sorry honey "said the Mom. Sinda said"Linda is dumb nah nah a boo-boo let me try"
"No let Lisa try and this is only happening because you of what you did to Linda."Lisa"um it is probably not a clownfish they are poisonous and not jellyfish they are not even it is a Luna fish"There Mom"Good job I know you guys love the moon colors and glow on it ow and the amazing taste!

10 mins later...All done!

End Chapter :)

Chapter Three:The Power:)

I the writer of this book will tell you the power soon and will tell you it greatly and powerfuly
and here is bunch of hints!



And now you are almost there to the power!

Almost there!

I think you are almost there?

Come on I think for you!



Come on!!!




Her power is that she can turn her tail to LEGS!!!!

Chapter Four:Happy 11

It’s the day the 11 Birthday for Lisa the day to know her power that she wished for.

Now let’s start from the beginning of the day.

“Happy Birthday Lisa” said Meecha she is only three years Sam the oldest said” where is Libbie and Windu” I don’t know said Eme they’r cousin.”I know said Gigi”the oldest cousin.”Whee”said Libbie and windu.”ohh I know now”said Eme and Sam. Where Said Gigi."They are outside having fun at the park."Said Eme and Sam.

Lisa said
"come on guys let's go follow Libbie and Windu." "ok" said Eme"I really want to play with them."Ok Eme but its not your B-day Also happy b-day Lisa!said Libbie all happy.Ahh!what are you doing there Libbie you SCARED ME!Said Gigi.oh?I guess hi?said Libbie.EME!EME!EME! What Libbie? Oh I meant Lisa.ok what Libbie. said Lisa.HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Thanks Libbie. Everyone cake time YAY!said Sammy.YAY!said LIbbie,Eme,windu and gigi.HAPPY BIRTHDAY!Everyone screamed happily.EAT ThE CaKeTiMe!YAY CAKE!said Meecha in a VERY cute voice.Aww so cute!said EVERYONE IN THE TOWN! 10 hours Later. lets go out to see the fireworks from Land.said Lisa’s mom.Ya!said Meecha.Than Lisa thought about going on land and seeing REAL unicorns!When they went to see the fireworks Lisa got closer to land then she got even closer that her front hooves touched then her horn sparkled and she got legs and her wish came true and then all of the uni-mermaids turned into unicorns!perfect ending and


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