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If you missed the first book - Fireflies - you might want to start there. It's here in its completion, written for Steemit. If you enjoy it, feel free to ask to be added to the subscriber list for the sequel, where new chapters are being released daily.

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(book 2)

Entry 34


Severing the connection abruptly, she quickly stopped the flow of essence and sealed the fissure that she had created. It was ok. She was still in control. He had never tugged against her or tapped into any latent power that he possessed - at least, not yet. He was open, and that was a good thing. Now she could begin preparing him for what she really had planned.

This was a grand experiment into the unknown, but one thing was certain: Resistance produced destruction. She had seen it now three times. The times when there had been a battle of the minds had only produced losses of varying degrees. But with her mother? Talia had seen the memory that was exclusive to Derek before she closed the flow between them. Aria had held her hand out to him, and trusted him. She had passed into Talia's world through Derek, and remained all that she was. Whatever happened next between Derek and herself, she knew that it needed to be cooperative.

But, Irina. Who was she?

Derek sat before her, eyes still closed. Waiting. Expectant. Tentative.

"You can open your eyes."

The sound of her voice disrupted the silence in the room. His dazed look convinced her that he was almost in a hypnotic state, vulnerable to suggestion, temporarily uncloaked. She didn't trust how long this state would last, so she spoke quickly.

"Who is Irina?"

"You." He simply had no other answer, and so that was all he provided.

Then, she would be Irina, and wait to see what time would reveal.

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I was reading through most of the discussions in your post about the HF and although I don't agree with the way you see and predict things will go down after the HF I appreciate the great debates and discussions I got to read. Gave me a much clearer picture of how people view the possibly upcoming changes and I am hoping for our sake that most of the predictions in there are wrong and will try my best with what's in my power to make the most and best out of the upcoming changes for the authors and distribution of this currency as I have attempted to in the past but not as close to 100% as I've been able to due to the system we've had for so long. I for one am really looking forward to it and I hope that authors will find the changes to be of advantage to them with things such as stake being decreased from bid bots and being used to curate with and the downvote pool bribging back steem the the deserving authors instead of the leaches that have been plaguing our chain in so long without many being able to stop them before. I do hope you will give it a chance at least before leaving as you're a user that's been here for a long time and done a lot of great things for the ecoysystem and Steemians starting out.


I appreciate your very kind thoughts and your gentle way of responding. It's been a long time here, and a lot poured out of me. No different than many really.. so many have given to steem out of the love for seeing something special have a chance.

however, I think it's time for me to take my leave when HF21 passes.

It's really fine. I've run the gamut of emotions, and many people have begged me to stay. I so appreciate their desire to have me here, it touches my heart to know I made a difference.

But I do believe that this is a bad move, and sometimes it's more important to remove yourself from something that hurts so many. (at the very least, initially)

Working hard every day for a year to make WW a success and then watching it heartlessly be dismantled one by one, because of a lack of respect for the new user ... I just can't do it again.

I've poured into too may newbies to watch them all leave again.

If I felt we were all fighting on the same team, it would be worth the battle.

I don't think we all are.

I will say this... The kind, encouraging way that you spoke actually made me want to cheer you on to carry on the good fight 😊

I think the system is going about it the wrong way... But good for you for believing in what you're doing and trying ☺️

I'll most likely still sneak around and leave encouraging comments to people just for the love of my community here, but my posts will end soon.

Thanks again, gentleness goes a long way.



And thank you for upvoting my story... Sorry that you had to read (well.. if you read 😂) so deep into the sequel.

It's really a story I'm very proud of... This series is my best work ever.

I wrote it exclusively for Steemit and I'm sorry that I won't get to finish it here.

But I will give free copies to all my subscribers because I owe that and more to them!

I could have made more money elsewhere but their passionate interaction all along the way made it a blast!

If you find yourself catching up before I leave.... And you enjoy it...I'll be happy to give you free copies too ☺️

Oh, dear... he is crossing memories!
He thinks she's Irina?
His old trainer?
His old mentor?
A past love?

Dangerous ground and a dangerous fissure to crack open, Talia/Aria/Irina!


She really does love tempting danger, doesn't she???



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hahahaha is this about fireflies or hf21??? ;)




No matter which story, every story holds a message so i try to find that message. Nothing about the Hardfork 21. 😂

Have a wonderful time ahead and stay blessed.

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And now she is as eager to know more about him as he is
Let's hope she doesn't fall in love with him in the process :p


😲 😱😰




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