All I find inside is traces of a heart that died. Maybe more, If you buy me shots, I'll confide.

3년 전



These thoughts break me.
My mind wrecks me.
Memories wakes me.
Expectations makes me.

I'm hungover on a dream.
This mask is drenched in screams
seeping out at the seams.
drips then, now the streams.

If destiny found
me to be around
you, I will find
a way to mind
my own.

If our roads collide
coalesce, concretes glide
over; other inside
just as it, I ought to hide
beneath, a stone.

You have become a route
I take as I parachute
heavy hearts; preserved
to surely be robbed.
all hope is gone.

I tremble as an addict
ache my sake, sore, sick
If you cross my mind, I'll pick
a chore, by sink to sink
Grieving moans.

what of it that you care?
I'm fond of my despair,
to watch in glee the glare
burning heart, aching bare.
leave me alone.

Why do I find me here?
This place familiar.
haunting me, hallowed sights
lurking in broad daylight
don't leave me alone.


This is my day 91 entry of the 100 days of poetry by @d-pend from SteemitSchool.

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