I don't know what I am doing.

3년 전



Why so shallow?
is the borrowed halo
too heavy for your head?
Why do I wallow
When I know life swallows
time, leaving me for dead?
God left us bereft of it.
because, all he touched
with love hurt and ouched.
Like fish in clasp of admirer
an adorer and a liar.
by the bathroom a little slouched.
All things considered.
I am a good reader
of just words in a book.
I am no more a man
beyond meanings. I understand
nothing. When their heads shook.
Nobody cares I shouldn't too
but with lies and deceit,
heavy eyes, heavy heartbeats
,I care enough to not bother,
There is where she sits
burdened by both of our defeats.
please kill me now.
find a way somehow
I am running into a hell.
I've been there before
yet I can't stop or reach shore
with this poem, you can tell.
Deeper I sink.
Less I fight.
to float.
You have it all.
you haver of all.
is that why you gloat?


This is my day 94 entry of the 100 days of poetry by @d-pend from SteemitSchool.

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