Right where I started.

3년 전

I hate life. All life.


Legs! Stand up for me
Is this where you want to be?
Shouldn't cry, cannot flee
fight back, just to see
You've prolonged the pain. Plea?
No one cares. Buttfaced : Me
Escape inside. Can't hide. Gee!
It's time for me to become a tree.

Each year the layers add
The bruises really are not that bad
Is that your face or are you sad?
The quiet ones are quite mad.

Inside I am free.
Come out? Make me!

Inside the core I am of the core
I haven't seen much of the outside before
self-absorbed and an attention whore
Go Away
You speak. I'm quickly sick and bored
world is bleak, words are shit, nothing more
I'll do nothing, Die plotting to escape to shore.
Go Away.


This is my day 100 entry of the 100 days of poetry by @d-pend from SteemitSchool.

If you like what I'm doing here, help me out to get me some visibility and add me to your steemvoter or bring me a @curie vote like @rasamuel did which @f3nix thought I deserved and supported me through frustration. It's been more than five months of this.

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