Incredibly Dangerous Ideas

2년 전

I have written a list of ten incredibly dangerous ideas. I do not recommend doing any of them.

  1. Do not ever use a mirror to reflect the sun's light back at itself.

  2. Do not ever combine steam with ice. The phase of matter composition is too far apart and it will turn to liquid water.

  3. Do not ever glue a pot of fertile soil to the ceiling and attempt to grow a plant upside down.

  4. Do not ever mix milk, juice, vinegar, olive oil, and vodka together at the same time.

  5. Do not ever wear a hat specifically for the purpose of setting it on fire.

  6. Do not ever ever write a song that is the same backwards as it is forwards.

  7. Do not ever go longer than 12 hours without thinking at least a single thought.

  8. Do not ever fold a slice of pizza more than seven times.

  9. Do not ever push a hotdog through a doughnut and then attempt to feed it to any living person.

  10. Do not ever tie together a mini-fridge and a microwave and turn them on at the same time.

Chaos will ensue.


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