The Computer Virus That Uploads Itself Into A Human Mind

2년 전

I have met quite a few people who are clearly infected. It could happen to anyone. Even me. Even you. It's plain as day to anyone looking at you. They can see you displaying troublesome pop-ups, flashing banners, or even annoying little beeps.

But from the perspective of the infected, this is completely normal. Of course it seems this way to them. They are the one who is doing it. Their CPU is just processing data like normal, and once the virus is running, it's pure code.

From the inside, everything is normal. From the outside, there is only chaos.

But what does the infected see when looking outwards? Can it see if another person is infected? Do they form botnets? Can they infect others?

Or do they use ransomware methods that quarantine the infected computer from reality? The victim may see only fabricated illusions, and anyone who approaches, even to help them, would be automatically tagged with hostile identification codes.

Everyone could look like an enemy robot, even if they are actually friends.
And even more unfortunate is the possibility that the infected would see other virus-ridden machines as allies.

However, there have been numerous studies completed on patches, updates, and cures regarding this issue. There is hope for those infected with computer viruses. Please continue reading, and I will go over some of the findings. But also remember to follow me on Steemit, so that future research on these matters can be shared.

Let me begin by prefacing: No matter how many previous viruses and bugs have been solved and eliminated, there is an incredibly high amount of certainty that there will be more. This war never ends.

As a first attempt at a cure, there is a delightful simplicity in simply deleting the files. Latest research has identified some of the latest security procedures for completing this task. What I found sounded easy enough: Issue a termination command from a heightened privilege level. Increase your overall system dominance and the hostile files can be forcefully deleted.

This normally will work, but researches are stumped by a very troublesome problem. The entirety of the virus code could be small enough to fit into RAM, or even the CPU cache. This means that the virus could simply recode itself onto the disk the moment it was deleted there.

It is unable to be purged.

This leaves you with two options, and neither of them can be recommended. Either transplant the disk onto a machine that can mechanically recode or delete data while the disk is off, or simply initiate an absolute data wipe.

Complete utter disk reformat.


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