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In a very small part of the haphazard planet, where somebody did not know anything about it, some of whom were called Arz, some called Necrim, a small figure ran downhill from one of the hills. At each step on his back, he was trampling under the giant backpack that was hoisted, heading towards the mass of people at the bottom of the abyss. He was soaked by the warmth of the air and the effort he spent. He was hoping you were not late. Damn it, the road patrol kept controlling the documents. He thought ... fucking people. If I'm late ...

It got a little slower as I got closer to the crowd. It was really crowded. From where you were, there were a thousand people. The woman, the child, the elderly, the young, a lot of people were standing on the edge. There was no sound other than the rustling of people moving around. He saw such a crowd so silent before in the execution of the famous pirate Bora. The atmosphere in the air was almost scented. It's a relief. So it has not started yet.

In fact, this silent wait was not to be surprised .. After all, it was a worthless man and it was only seen every two weeks. Even thinking was exciting.

No matter how, people would not see such a thing every day ...

The moment he came near the crowd, he never stopped drowning. The other poo came up to the front. Of course, there was also a great contribution from his menacing bag that swung in and out of this success as he walked -Hey, watch out! The silence in the air has been a little deteriorated by the curses that have been done to him - What do you think you are doing, you pigs - but soon afterwards the contribution of others - Sussana you corruption!

He found a place where he could see the beautiful coast, right on the cliff. In the meantime, the dashing bag was almost rolling down a woman from the cliff. After a block of swearing and a few excuses closed the event, he took a handkerchief from his pocket and wiped the crotch on his face. He started to wait quietly like the others. He was also looking around.

There were various kinds of man standing in various forms, waiting for the Fallen Man. Some of them were standing with their legs hanging down the edges, some standing, others standing together ... Some of the children were seen on their backs. So many people came here from all over the continent for the Fallen Man. In the air, there was the smell of popcorn, which was carried by traffickers carrying baskets of junk jugs and other good things in their side. The light wind was causing the man to shudder. He pulled out a piece of chocolate from his bag, one of the vendors on the street watching for dinner, and a water-filled caramel inside. First he took a few sips of water and then a small bite from the chocolate. It was like a bit of pain; but it was still beautiful.

Bright sun, popcorn smell, mild cool wind, bitter-sweet chocolate ... All sensory organs except ears were satisfied until the end; there was a silence in the air that almost took a ton.

The man who fell ... He had been traveling for two months since ta Yehendi to see him. He had to leave his beautiful shop for this trip. Given that his wife is not very talented, he would be lucky if he found the shop when he returned. Nobody had any idea about why and how it got to be. Some said he was punished by the gods for his disrespect. Since the aim was punishment, why is it a punishment when there are hell for this? Others said that his mighty sorcerer was an incompetent scapegoat and that he had infected his hand with a magic spell. But all of them were judgmental ...

The falling man ... Those who saw him said it was worth it. A man from his town once said, "I've seen it six times, every time my mouth has been open." He would soon find out if he would change. He took a deep breath. When will this come?

It did not take long for the response to come: Among the crowd, someone shouted in his hand, "Hey! Did you hear? Coming !! "

The silence in the air was a bit more anger than it was ... Now only the voices of the hearts of the people who were excited were heard. One of the kids shouted, "I do not see it!", But did not get any more answers from a few "sincerely". Everyone was looking at the sky with clear attention.

At first, nothing seemed to exist. But after a while, it seemed like a faint but constant noise was heard when someone was moaning away from the mill. The sound is increasing and turning into a sissy as if it was buzzing on the other end of a fly room. Then there was a spot in the sky. First it was just a faint spot, then it started to become more apparent. By the way, the sound has become clearer. This is a cry, a very distant cry. The dot grows bigger and bigger. Eventually the point was like a tiny human figure ... A fluttering figure ... The scream became more and more evident. It was such a tremendous and fearful cry, that one immediately had the greatest fears. As the scream rose, the excitement of the faces of the people increased. As we got closer, details began to be selected. A young, big man with a brown old-fashioned peasant outfit and white face. Even looking at this face was causing people to be frustrated ...

As the falling man dashed into the cliff through his screaming screams, his eyes were joined to him one at a time. Time seemed to stop. He looked at their eyes, so they cured them. These were the eyes with big, black eyes. The most pure state of horror could be read from them, they were horrified eyes. When you look at them, he creeps inside, is a man who is afraid of altitude, condemned to fall forever. He will never get rid of his fear ... Endless torment ... For what? The gods, what for? What did he do? Endless torture ...

A sign ... A sound echoed in the corridors of the mind. If you are a symbol ... If you are a symbol ... Sounds disappeared among the echoes.

Why does nobody help?

The scream was getting smaller, the man falling when the sound went away was lost in the darkness ... Finally, the silence of the people continued for a while when the scream ceased. People have absorbed what they see for a while. Then someone started applauding. Then someone else. After a while the cliffside filled with applause, cheering and whistles. People were delighted and excited about tasting fear. "It's better than the fear house on this fair!" Said a boy from somewhere. Some said they would come back in two weeks. It was a great show, definitely watching again.

But ours was not found in any way. Actually, there was a vision that only the falling man threw at him before it disappeared in the dark. Only that look; he is despair, an endless horror and terrifying look ... He thought something was wrong here. There is something wrong in people ... It should not be like that ... It was just waiting, stopped. When he came back to himself, there were a few people around him and some businessmen who calculated his revenues. Everyone saw that they would see it, and they were heading towards the next direction. Everyone was satisfied. The show was great.

The show was great ...

A cold wind passed.

A distant laugh.

She shook her head. He looked around with a fresh look as if he had left transt. Her eyes turned to the clear sky. The show was great, was not it? Everybody said so, so it really was. Later on, the children took them. This wonderful show had to be seen by all means. Moreover, this is a show that should not be satisfied with just one watch. Yes, he would come back at the first opportunity. Great show ....

An echo in the corner of the mind: Why? Why does it have to be like this? Why that guy ... and then that thought went away. Oh! It's probably the beginning of the sun, I think I'm pointless. I think I'd better put on that funny-looking hat that the lady gave me ...

He picked up a strange bag from his bag and closed his ears. He picked up his spike quickly. No one left but the vendors who were now carrying their supplies around. He turned back to the cliff, took a full step, stopped, looked back at the cliff again. It seemed like he had heard a scream ... A despairing, screaming lamentation of being lost once again ... Then a light, victorious and diabolical laugh ... Anyway, it was probably nothing but the breeze of the wind.

Then he set his way home. As he moved away, the day began slowly to leave his place in the night. The nighttime breeze was on the edge of the precipice. When the stars began to shine on the hill, he had already vanished on the horizon.

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