Justin Time (Chapter 26) An Original Science Fiction Novel

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Justin goes back in time to give Madam Clearvision a letter. The letter states that she will be exposed as a fraud unless she follows his directions. The letter stated that PPC will go public and that she should tell her customer, Mark Hannity. Katherine is working on a new revolutionary project that she hopes will be in the market in a couple of months. 

Chapter 26: Listening Through the Vent

Moving through the kitchen pantry and down the basement, they walked to the safe. When they opened the safe, everything looked identical to how they last left it. That was a good sign because it suggests that Justin's last traveling experience did not disrupt the time continuum.

As they opened the next envelope it read:

Everything went exactly as planned on your last rendezvous. You are to return back to Madam Clearvision. Enclosed is another envelope that you are required to hand to her.  Although she has no direct impact on your physical condition, this path is necessary and is indirectly linked. Also, before you attempt to travel, make sure you have done the proper maintenance on your equipment.  I don't have to tell you the potential consequences using faulty equipment.

"I sure left myself very specific instructions.", said Justin.

"You sure did.", agreed Blair, "I wonder why you are not telling yourself the contents inside of the envelope."

"Maybe by my reading it, that would change the outcome."

"Or maybe you didn't trust yourself with that additional knowledge.", blurted Blair.

"Obviously I trusted myself more than you because I am sending myself back. Not you!"

"No. You just know I am not stupid enough to risk my life on that journey."

Justin agreed that it was probably true as they both laughed together.

After thoroughly inspecting the time traveling equipment, Justin and Blair were ready for the next journey. Justin sat down and carefully put in the proper coordinates. "I will see you shortly.", said Justin.

And then he pushed the final button.  Entering a coma, Justin takes a trip and flies through the atmosphere while focusing on the appropriate date and destination.  He goes back approximately 18 years and lands behind a familiar shed in a vacant field.  As he gains his presence of mind, he is pleased to notice he landed in the exact same area as his first visit to Madam Clearvision.  As he was patiently waiting for his cloned body to develop, he started reflecting  on the ease of which he can travel as well as the potential possibilities. 'Once I am through with this venture, I can't wait to see the other places where I may want to travel.', he thought.  Finally, Justin's body was fully developed as he entered it. The field was only ten minutes away from Madam Clearvision's location.

"And you will see a handsome dark haired man."

"Is he single?", asked 32 year old Felicia Fulton.

"Indeed he is...oh oh hello Mr..umm", stutters Clearvision as she sees Justin walk through the door.

"Okay Felicia we are through for now."

"But we still have 15 minutes left.", she argued.

"Yes I know, but I am too tired to continue. My foreseeing of your future has drained more of my powers than I expected. I will make it up to you next week. That will be $75.00."

"Okay. I will see you next week.", said Felicia as she walked out.

"What are you doing here again?", asked Clearvision in a shaky voice.

"I did exactly as you asked. What else do you want? Who are you and what is your name?"

"I need you to read this and follow the instructions.", ordered Justin as he handed her another envelope.

"Why are you trying to ruin my practice.", she asked.

Justin just shook his head at her and started walking out the door.

"Oh. Hello Mrs. Elder.", exclaimed Clearvision.

"Hello young man.", greeted Mrs. Elder as Justin walked past her. "And Hello Madam."

As Justin left, he realized he had some time left before he had to get back. He was curious about Madam Clearvision and how people could take her seriously. So, he walked around her small old shop and in the  back was just an empty weed ridden dirt lot. He suddenly heard voices as clear as can be. He looked up and noticed a vent in the back of Madam Clearvision's shop. He could hear the discussion between Mrs. Elder and Madam Clearvision perfectly. He decided to listen for a while for his amusement. As it was coming to the top of the hour he heard this.

"Notice how the darker and thicker tea leaf is lying directly on top of the finer lighter tea leaf at the edge of your cup. This means...Oh hello Mr. Hannity.", said Madam Clearvision.

"I didn't realize the time, we need to continue this next week Mrs. Elder.", Clearvision said to the retired librarian.

"That will be $75.00 plus an additional $10.00 to cover the costs of the special tea leaves."

"Thank you very much and how are you today Mr. Hannity?"

"I am doing great. Your last recommendation went perfectly!"

“It did? Of course it went perfectly.”, she recovered.

"Excuse me for a moment Mr. Hannity.", said Clearvision. Justin heard nothing for a few minutes and then,  "You were saying?”, asked Cleaervision.

"I was saying that it went great! PPC did go public and I am a little wealthier. Thank you. I wanted to see your next recommendation.", he said in anticipation.

"No promises Mr. Hannity, but let's sit down and see. I have been doing very well with tea leaves lately. I think we should try that. But, I have to tell you, it will be an additional $10.00 to cover the costs of the special tea leaves."

"That's fine as long as it works.”, said Hannity.

"Take these tea leaves. Put them in the tea cup and lightly swish them around. Good, now I need you to drink the tea. Careful not to burn yourself, but I cannot read the leaves until you are finished.

"My! Are we in a hurry today?", asked the Madam.

"Kinda..not really..I guess I am just eager." replied Mark.

"Okay. Give me a moment while I read this. Hmm...aha...I see...interesting...", she muttered.

"What? What?", he asked.

"Horses! I see lots of horses."

"Let me look.", said Hannity.

"I just see a bunch of leaves."

"That is because you are not trained like I am. Please be patient Mr. Hannity.", she said.

"Have you heard of Misty Mountain?", she asked.

"No.", he replied."Oh interesting. Have you heard of Preakness?"

"Yes. That is one of the horse racing events. Wait...are you saying that Misty Mountain is the name of a winning horse and it will be running in the Preakness?", he asked with enthusiasm.

"Hmm...I believe that is exactly what I am seeing. No guarantees of course. Reading these tea leaves can be very tricky."

"Anything else?", asked Hannity.

"I believe that is it for now. That will be $75.00 plus an additional $10.00 for the cost of the special tea leaves."

"Yeah. I know. I know. If you are right, it will be well worth the extra $10.00."

Justin was so lost in the conversation that he forgot about the time. He quickly looked at his watch and decided he needed to go back to the vacant field. On his way, he was thinking. 'She is giving him stock tips and now gambling tips. Very interesting.'

Finally, Justin arrived at his spawning location and waited for arrival.

                                                                                    The End Chapter 26

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