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I've ben having some problems with my pc so only just read this and the previous chapter.

You are taking the time to build the story so that it becomes more real and I am enjoying learning about your story-reality. Look forward to seeing also what happened to that man who was going to slit his throat - somehow I doubt he will succeed.

Thanks for sharing this part of you.


Thank you for reading! :)

This story is very special to me. I am currently 32; Alexandria came to life in my mind when I was 11.

She began as a sad, neglected, abused child who became an adult obsessed with ancient rituals and rumours of other worlds. Anything to leave this one behind. She sacrificed herself and was reborn as a Goddess, shaking things up because there were only supposed to be Three Gods. Instead of allowing her to stay in the heavens, they sent her to the Isles so she could understand the people and lore of this new world but ended up becoming corrupted by the High Magister and transforming into an evil greater than he could ever be.

So much has changed since then! Everything has grown with me and evolved through the years. And I'm excited to finally get this all out of my system.

A lot of the story would not have existed if I had never found steem and some of the old writing contests and challenges.

Natalia and Kian, for example. :) They exist solely because of a contest here that then turned into a few chapters detailing their history. Which will be Book Three! :D

Kian... an interesting man... who we may or may not see more of. ;)


From 11 to 32 - so Alexandria has finally 'come of age'? :)

Did you have a birthday party for her?

You have been at it longer tham me; I only wrote my Cherine short story in the late nineties, sat the next morning with an empty feeling, for I had spent the previous day writing my little love story of 14 pages and now wanted the same stimulus again. I ecided I would use Cherine (and Robert) for writing a novel. I started 23rd October 2000. Within 4 months I finished the first book of 700 pages (in paperback, more like a 1,000). I found that every day I had so many ideas that ideas which should have taken up 30 pages, I would use for writing half to two pages at most as I was in a hurry to get to the next one.

Now they are more a part of my life than any real person. It makes sense that (especially as you were a child) that you would project as a girl; I wonder what it says about me that I projected as a man with over fifty wives (I've never been married, only in love). Yet, Robert from the first page has always declared that he could never be unfaithful and his girls still believe him. lol.

I am trying to start a new business on the internet and have opened a community here. I've had to pause as I have suddenly been offered immense backing and I have to decide how I go about it. If it works out, I will include a social platform - and you are the first person I am inviting. If it happens, I want the both of you to publish there too. On my platform, if you have finished a book and want to make it available as a pdf, for a price of under $10, you will be able to, as we will have our own 'book&art shop'. I will want as many artists (of all kinds) as I can get and I hope members there will be more appreciative of art and the artists.

lol, I just had a crazy idea. What about creating a beautiful virtual garden for wandering around in. You could 'lay down on the grass' and read a book, or maybe even see and meet a few of the characters the readers of the platform have asked for. I would not be surprised to learn that the technology for that already exists.


I understand completely - having your characters feel more real than actual people. :) A few of them have been with me for so long, they're definitely a huge part of my life and always will be. I love them. And it's part of the reason why it's taking me so long to write these... because it does get very sad in places and I break my own heart just thinking about it.

This new Book & Art business idea sounds intriguing... would there be restrictions on the type of genre written? Would the work be exclusive to your platform?

I would definitely be pricing my work under $10. :) This particular series is something I've been pouring my heart and soul into for so long, and I would like to price it for around $7.99 per book. Unfortunately there are people out there who sell their entire series for $7.99! So not too sure how to compete with that, haha. But I also have a lot of novellas in mind that would be closer to the $1.99 mark. :)

A virtual garden sounds lovely! And is a reality these days with all the virtual reality capabilities around. I never really got into it though as I don't like the idea of wearing a big bulky thing on my head. But it would be lovely! And it would be amazing seeing my people become a reality, of sorts! :D


Sorry if my comment is off the topic. Currently, we are contemplating the next we-write contest and considering your post below for a contest prompt. Do you have any objections?

Thank you!


Hello! :)

I have no objections at all to you using my post as a prompt. :D It would be interesting to see where other people take Joey and Jenny and what they could do with the odd pair.


Great! @owasko will run the next contest and considered your post as the possible candidate. So thank you!

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