*Test: What would happen if the superheroes existed?

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hello everyone today I bring you a small article discussing is the dilemma of what would happen if the superheroes existed in real life

First of all I want to mention Marvel heroes that can already exist in the real world as a:

✦Black Widow✦


She is just a spy with great training in hand-to-hand combat and use of weapons, I believe that there are already people like that both men and women working for governments or espionage organizations.

✦ Hawk's Eye✦


Although I do not think there is anyone with as perfect a point as Clint Barton has, there are many people who almost have it, and I do not think it is impossible to have such aim but it is too difficult.

✦Star Lord✦


Well obviously there are still no people having galactic adventures like Peter Quill, but if with his abilities, although he has nothing special he is only very agile and astute, it is very likely that there are people with these qualities.

✦Iron Man✦


Well, I think that it is a little more difficult to exist, although it is likely, with all the technology that exists today, any country with advanced technology and with enough money like Japan, Russia, China or the US can build something similar, it's just an armor with weapons that can fly.

✦Winter Soldier✦


This is not anything otherworldly or futuristic, Bucky just lost his arm and implanted a metal one, it's similar to orthopedic body parts, even metal already exist like Bucky's arm.



I think this is one of the most realistic there is, it's just a former sailor who has fighting skills and great knowledge about Armeria of all kinds.



If this hero existed, it would be very similar to that of the UCM, only a Jet pack backpack with wings to direct it, I know that Jet pack backpacks already exist but to put some good wings I think this will happen in the near future.

Well those are the heroes that I believe could already exist in real life, there must be more but I would not like to dwell on that much.

─── ❖ ── ✦ ── ❖ ───

What would the heroes have done in accidents and real-life catastrophes?


Well here I will talk about facts of real life and how the heroes would have acted.

Sinking of the Titanic (1912)

I know this happened more than 100 years ago and that in comics there were no superheroes in these years, but not only the Titanic applies in this situation, but also any ship that has had an accident or has sunk.


Returning with the heroes, there is a perfect hero to help in this accident and avoid all those deaths, obviously I'm talking about Namor, he could have rescued all those people with his aquatic abilities.


Atomic Bombs of Hiroshima and Nagasaki (1945)

They imagine that Captain America and Bucky had not frozen and that they continue to fight in World War II, obviously the Cap would have tried to prevent the army from launching these bombs since thousands of people were going to die, although they would be considered traitors. done what is necessary to save all those people.


Chernobyl accident (1986)

Well here you can not avoid this accident even if the heroes existed, because you did not know what was going to happen, but you could prevent radiation from spreading faster with the help of the superheroes.


I can think of several super heroes who could have helped in this situation.

The Invisible Woman would have made a force field large enough to keep the radiation shut and thus give people more time to get away from the area.


Quicksilver would obviously help by removing all people who are exposed to radiation as quickly as possible, thus avoiding many deaths.


Reed Richards is one of the smartest heroes in the entire Marvel universe, he has knowledge of many sciences and he and Bruce Banner who is an expert in any type of radiation will come up with something to eradicate all the radiation that was exposed in the area. or at least control it.


Fall of the Twin Towers (2001)

SHIELD already existed for this time, I do not doubt that it could have detected two planes flying over New York, besides the Hellicarrier is usually in NYC, it could have just fired and if there is any risk, they could send Quinjets to knock it down, the best would have been They'll call Tony Stark and he'll destroy them with one of his dozens of armor.


─── ❖ ── ✦ ── ❖ ───

But if there were heroes in the world, I think there would be many heroes behind bars, although I will only give two examples.

The clearest example is Hank Pym, he created Ultron, although he saved the world with the Avengers, because of Pym many lives were lost, the US government would lock him up to create this artificial intelligence so dangerous.


Another hero is not very accepted by society is Hulk, obviously no one wants a beast like this loose, in my opinion, I find stupid the idea of leaving it free although this with the Avengers, there are still lives in danger, although I admit that Bruce Banner is right that if they lock him up, some organization or the government wants to do more like him.


─── ❖ ── ✦ ── ❖ ───


Well, the advantages are more than clear with the examples mentioned above, thousands of deaths would have been avoided, besides that it would be great to be able to see your favorite heroes in real life.



If there are heroes, there are also villains, and this not only brings problems to the heroes, but also to the population that we are, since we can not fight with villains with powers. And also the heroes themselves would cause problems as I mentioned the examples with Hank Pym and Hulk



In my opinion, it would not be good for superheroes to exist (do not hate me), although I know it would be very cool, think of all the lives that are at risk as this exists, as we saw in Avengers and Avengers Age Of Ultron, many people They died in those attacks, nothing would have happened if Loki did not exist and Ultron was completely the fault of Stark and Banner.

It is better to leave the world like this, because we know how it works.

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Interesting, and of course fun, post. I think the main problem of a world with super heroes would be the villians that would probably emerge. It's all fun and games until Thanos turns up.


hahaha I agree friend everything would be fun until half the world disappeared