A visit from my father/making steem

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My grandparents were quite advanced in age when my father, Wayne became unemployed.

He had been working at a unionized textile plant for 30 plus years and was making very good money as a boiler operator, making steem to run the machines.

The plant could no longer afford the outrageous wages that the union demanded so the company moved the plant to Mexico to take advantage of the inexpensive labor.

Two of my 4 uncles were still alive and neither one cared much about helping their parents. My father, had just become unemployed so the consenus was to move him in with my grandparents and allow him to provide care for the two.

Wayne, was not skilled in caretaking. At first it it wasn't an issue because my grandparents were in fairly good health but both began showing signs of dementia not long after he moved in with them.

Wayne struggled with providing the care that was needed. At this time my father began experiencing bad stomach pains and went to a doctor for treatment.

The doctor did minimal testing and sent him home saying "I think it is just gas pains".

This happened a number of times. Wayne would go to the doctor only to be sent home, but the pain and frequency kept increasing.

He finally switched to a different doctor and suprise....Lymphomo was the cause of the pain.

After tests were run it was determined that 2 growths were in his abdomen, one the size of a football, the other the size of a grapefruit.

Inopperable they said.
For a year he struggled.

He was always a believer in GOD but became especially close over that last year.

One day I received a call ftom the hospital...."it's time" the nurse said.

I told my wife "it's time. I am going to the hospital".

The children were very small then and was best for my wife to stay at home.

I hurried to the hospital. The nurses were administering pain medicines.
They allowed me to talk briefly with my father.

He was in a great deal of pain and the last large shot of morphine, I am convinced, was the cause of death.

The room felt different as he passed. It felt as if I could feel his spirit in the room watching, observing.

I drove home both sad about the loss and relieved his pain was over. This was at 2:30am.

I walked into the house and my wide eyed wife met me at the door with amazement. She asked "what time did you dad pass?"

I told her the time, it had only been half an hour or so since.

She said "I was sitting at the computer and something flew past my head. I looked and a mourning dove flew past my head and landed on the bookshelf over there!"

"It landed on the back of the chair and went behind the chair. Then when I looked behind the chair it was gone". She stated.

No windows or doors had been opened and mourning doves are not typically active in the early hours.

All I could do was go look behind the chair.

I found no dove but I did find a fresh feather behind the chair that upon inspection, belonged to a mouring dove.

The bird itself we never saw again.


Image courtesy of: National Audubon Society

My dear friends sorry if this seems a sad tale. I do not think of it as sad.
I myself am recovering from a stomach bug and am doing better. This has been on my heart to write about for some time. If not a single person reads it I am happy to put a few words on screen and be my sole fan. I believe in the dove and held the evidence in my hands. I truly believe my father was saying "don't worry, all is well".


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Glad to hear that you're doing better and thank you for sharing your story. 🤗

Sadness from losing our loved ones and relief over the end of their pain intermingle for many of us when a family member passes on. These were both true for me when my father died.

To have been given the gift of the visit (and feather) from the mourning dove is a powerful message. It's truly a blessing that he was able to tell you 'not to worry'. 💕


I agree. Some things in life are more precious than gold or diamonds.

aww what a fantastic story, your way of typing, gives great emotionel attatchment to us readers, a fab gift :D Im with you on the dove ♡ 🐲ℒℴve 🐉♡, i got goosebumps all over now, well done & i think Wayne just leaft you a 'note' ,to take care of you.......
well done :D


Few for most are the unseen gifts received but if we look and are aware our eyes can be opened.

Dragons are nearly extinct some say but if one searches and is willing to look.....they can be found.


well put, be greatful for the small things in life, they mostly have the most to offer you

they only show for them, who can see the magic that is around
♡ 🐲ℒℴve 🐉♡


Even though most don't believe today I have witnessed Dragon Magic.


<was here doing some magic🐲🐉💗


You sure did it!!

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Wow... I don't think it's a sad tale at all.

a dove... the symbol of Peace

what a gift to have... and I know what you mean about feeling those multiple emotions. sadness, but relief also. and peace. just peace

Thanks for sharing this - it is beautiful. :)


Thank you so very much my dear friend. It is also very true

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Thank you

We always go back to find a spiritual answer to the question of life and death, deep down we want to see our loved ones better off and if they are we ourselves want to know whats on the other side, are they any better? Will I be better? The answer comes often subtlety to the questions; Who am I? What am I doing here? What is my purpose for being here?
AND That's why I love my Nurse's job, I get the thrill of doing a bit of GHOST Hunting! I'll post a FBA on Steemit when I get one!


Please do post!! I always appreciate your writing. I have been near others when they passed on and have similar experiences (not the dove) but somilar feelings when they passed.


Thank you for the heart dove....is very special

@naltedtirt Thank you for writing your beautiful story of a Fathers love. I would give anything to have a sign from my Father, I believe there is more to life or afterlife however you want to say it. My sister n law loved yellow butterflies, everyone was seeing them after her passing. Even now when her daughter is feeling sad about her death, she will see one.


The afterlife is real. You know it and I do to.


@naltedtirt yes indeed, it is real.

That is one of the most beautifully sad happy true stories I've read in a while. Thanks for sharing.


Thank you Mr. Alliance!!! I think it is the first time I have seen you stop by. Much appreciated.