"The Confessor" Episode 1

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In my trade I am known as "The Confessor". I've made quite the living as a freelance therapist for black ops teams, and from there my career blew up on the side, my reputation as "The Confessor" in my industry even led to ultra-secret celebrity sessions. My clients unburden themselves by disclosing their dirty or uncomfortable secrets either mission related or personal.

My position was a fluke, The powers that be wanted to try a gentler approach with field agents. Instead of liquidating valuable assets that start to mentally buckle under years of secrecy, Someone seen fit to create a counseling position that required one of the highest known U.S. Government security clearances for no other purpose than to hear confessions. My position is unique, one of a kind.

My client on this mission was simply ,"The Director". This was a no nonsense fucking around kind of meet. This wasn't one of my Hollywood side jobs, this was for the company. I never chose my counseling spaces, I only know they are 100% isolated from signals or eaves droppers. I get the call 24 hours in advance. I am picked up directly from my residence and before i leave the drive way security gives me a sedative and I wake up in the meetup location. It's fucking unsettling! I'm waiting for the day I don't wake up at the meet up and cease to exist not by choice. The "Director" was already sitting across from me when I came out of my daze. WTF, I always get an hour to straighten up and prepare before I face the client. I said I had one of the highest security clearances available, I never said I heard anything to warrant that extreme level of security until this moment.


"May I call you Peter", the director said. "Yes, and forgive me I haven't quite cleared my head yet from my trip sir, my head is still a little foggy", I mumbled. "Peter, just sit there and shut up my boy", the Director said bluntly, than he continued on,"I thought this moment would have never came, I expected I wouldn't be able to unburden my soul until death took me."

My name is simply."The Director". My professional title is "Director 33", I am the 33rd Director of my Department since it's inception." My job is a one way street, no retirement", the Director said. "I hold the position until I die, and my replacement will be "Director 34" as I replaced "32". I have little over an hour to talk about..what is cutting me deeply down to my very soul ..and has the humanity in me screaming for a compassionate ear...to at least witness such unspeakable scarifices that I am personally responsible for..."Fuck You and listen", the Director barked ending his short sermon ,and scaring the piss out of me with one hell of an adrenaline bump.

The Director proceeded to tell me his story: ," 33 Directors, and 33 failures, It's so fucking hard to live with, The odds of achieving success are so insurmountable, failure it seems the likely outcome, year after year, life after life."

The Director pauses than continues," Every year 2 field agents are trained in the art of surviving 1963 from scratch. They are quantum teleported literally back in time with only the clothes on their back, and are charged with one hell of a burden, Around 10 directors ago a shadow government from their time period caught on to our agents, it took 10 years and 20 agents lives to figure out our program was somehow compromised in 1963."


The Director than cracked a faint smile and said in a strange joyful tone,"Our last Hope will be a game changer! Quantum Comms! the ability to employ a quantum computer and artificial intelligence that solves problems in parallel universes to gain the solution, as well as the ability to transmit data to a smartphone sized device regardless of what parallel dimension or time period the agent may reside in, it gives me hope and takes years of anxiety off my shoulders, now that we can communicate in real time, the agents in training now, will be the first to field the equipment in the next mission year."

Than the Director paused, looked at me hard for what seemed like an uncomfortably long time and said"Confessor, are you afraid to ask me why we send agents on a one way trip back in time to 1963, year after year, life after life?" I simply nodded at the Director to please continue, the suspense had me at a loss for words. The Director proclaimed proudly," To save John F. Kennedy from assassination on November 22, 1963".


"What the Fuck"my mind screamed while trying to retain an icy stare and professional composure. "The Director just said JF Fucking K!", my mind was a flip. There was a very slight uncomfortable pause after the Director made his JFK revelation, mentally I was so wrapped up in this off the chain remark. Than the reason made clear for the pause, I started to fade to black, I panicked hard, all I could say was a breathless "Why?" To the Director. What I was trying to say was why knock me out now without notice you fuck! As far as I was concerned I was holding on for dear life. I always plan my exits. How did they even deliver the drug WTF, WTF,WTF, was this interview a one way trip...

This is a Patriot Uprising Production
By: Nate Powers


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