"The Confessor" Episode 4

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"We are here" barked Ray,"Get the fuck out" he yelled to me, but Ray was actually jubilant. Just than Kanye and a very small entourage ran out of the back door and started snapping pictures like the paparazzi laughing their asses off at this giant of a man wedged into a raggedy toyota struggling to climb out. "Mother Fuckers!" Ray Boomed than continued,"We been traveling lowkey like James Fucking Bond all day since this shit started and you fuckers are making a racket like were having a Kanye meet and greet with a bunch of ugly bitches". "Shut up Ray, don't cross me again, I told your ass I would take away your Escalade and make you drive a clown car like your in a circus", Kanye said casually. Than Kanye ordered",You two help Ray get out of the car, Confessor follow me". I than overheard one of the two of Kanye's crew helping Ray ask his partner,"What the Hell did Ray do to piss Kanye off? His partner said back rather matter of factly,"I think he ate K's sandwich, he was warned".

Kanye than began to speak so seriously I was unnerved, "Alright Confessor, it's just you and I, grab a seat, as you may know we are meeting under emergency conditions, I come to you with a very heavy heart as this will be our last meeting, I am simply disappearing off to some place exotic to live comfortably, That's it, the end of my career, I always said do you have the power to let power go? Your job Confessor is to deliver this thumb drive to my personnel assistant Mick, we are close like brothers, but in order for my plans to go underground we had to leave him completely out of the loop with no explanation. It's a bitcoin wallet with 20 million in it, and a simple message from me. Confessor you are still on my guest list for the Grammy's in 6 months, I am set to perform and I'm going to receive a lifetime achievement award, you will meet Mick in the green room and it's there I want you to deliver this thumb drive. Do you understand what I am asking you to do Confessor?" Kanye said looking for my reassurance that I was on board with the plan.

"Wait a minute, yes I agree", I said excitedly,"But going underground and than showing up and performing at the Grammy's six months from now? Why not give the drive to Mick yourself", I asked Kanye. "I am loyal to you K, just do me the favor under the circumstances and let me understand the obvious",Than pleading to K as if my own life was at risk,"Confess to me this one last time, let me bare witness to the real Historical record, the true K lives on in my memories, you will not be lost to the myths of history, ok so Im a huge fan, besides the point talk to me", I finished. "Alright stop",Kanye said."Fool I was going to tell you anyways, the problem is where to begin, this is extremely heavy shit and my mind is spinning , nothing in my lifetime could prepare me for something this extreme".

"Damn , where or how do I even begin to tell you this" ,Kanye said and paused."I have been bucking the system, I don't have time for the details on how, and what I did, only know once the truth was made clear to me I couldn't play the game, Running for President and my many visits at the whitehouse over the years crossed a line with some extremely powerful people who lost their control of me and my influence, I was completely off the reservation, over the edge, they couldn't blame my outbursts on exhaustion and mental illness anymore, I had major influence over a whole voting demographic, when I tell you you the corporation is powerful beyond imagination and their evil knows no bounds, it is not an exaggeration,so take a deep breath and listen", finished Kanye.

Kanye than proceeded to tell me the truth on what brought us all together tonight. He began,"I came back home early unannounced from a side project, I was told earlier by the very top to play ball and publicly write off everything I've said done and created as the musings of someone suffering from bi-polar, I didn't, I did my thing, I wasn't aware that my penalty for not toeing the line would be this severe. So when I walked in the house I could hear my handler ie the wife was giving a tour to someone in the back of the house, I got real quiet and snuck up close enough to eavesdrop on what the wife was saying, I didn't understand why she appeared to be pointing out personal facts about me to some stranger, my heart sank, that bitch better not be replacing Mick my P.A. with one of her own, Still hiding I wasn't going to break up the party until I had a better grasp of what the hell was going on. I could only hear the man with the wife occasionally reply Yes, that was it no conversation just the wife going through a very thorough account of every detail about me, Than as they got close enough for me to see the man in question walking with the wife I immediately was hit by a ton of bricks, it literally dropped me to my knees for a brief second, my mind literally left my body, it was me, it was me, it was fucking perfect in every detail I was looking at a perfect clone of myself, That was too much for me to handle, the shock of a lifetime , I had so many questions, damn I had questions, what the hell kind of freak show horror flick have I got myself into, I waited for them to come back into the living room as I stood next to a hidden gun safe by the living room fireplace, All three of us stood there staring at each other, me, the clone, my wife, without a word I popped my gun safe went to pull my emergency piece out and that bitch started laughing, she said "times up Kanye, We cleaned up all of your fire arm stashes while your away". "I didn't say shit, I immediately ran like hell and enacted a very well thought out emergency plan just for a day like this, and here we are, They have literally replaced me with a clone for not playing the game, now you know more than most, I have one last gift for you Confessor, a thumb drive with my entire life's work of all the unpublished personal tracks I've created over the years, just one more secret for you to keep Confessor. Take care brother, this may not be forever, I may call upon you again someday". and with those parting words Kanye and I went our separate ways.

I'm just reflecting on what just happened, K wouldn't tell me no more and no less, just the fact that he is going underground and a clone has been put in his place, and this happened in less than 48 hours from the time we met, I had a million questions to ask about K's clone, but it was more for selfish reasons, after all he is running for his life, but comfortably running. 6 months later I did go to the Grammy's. Personal guest of Kanye, and what would have been one of the absolute highlights of my life was turned into a nightmarish twilight zone, I gave Mick the drive, and spotted Kanye's almost perfect replacement. It was uncomfortable and incredibly eerie but I had to play ball, so I waved at K back stage,"Peter, c'mon over hear and talk to me, it's been to long since we last met", ...K never called me Peter, it's a legal name I rarely use, and I have been Confessor from day one with him, I broke into a cold sweat and started to walk towards K's clone, and a swarm of executives swarmed on K and they went for a walk. That was close, I was relieved until Mick hunted me down as I was trying to make a fast exit out of there."Confessor not so fast, K lost your number and wants your business card, Kanye also wants me too book an appointment with you for a weekend session in a month or two". Fuck.........

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