One day Of that day


One day Evelyn and Reyna were jogging early in the morning in the fountain garden. While resting, Evelyn saw a beam of light near the fountain. Then Evelyn called Reyna to see the light.
"What is this light Rey?" Evelyn asked Reyna
"I don't know either," Reyna answered
Suddenly "Aaaaaaaaaaa" Evelyn and Reyna were in a slum country.

Then came a king who approached the two of them
"Who are you?" Reyna and Evelyn answered Together with trembling
"I am the leader of this country, you two are called to help this country," answered the king.

"Formerly in this country the population was very friendly, the country was very beautiful and the name of our country was the Land of the Rainbow, Since a bad queen came, she had Magic all the inhabitants to her country and bewitched our country and became a slum" Said the King
"Then what should we do here," Evelyn asked
"You must ask the queen to return our country," answered Putri
"How do you do it?" Evelyn asked
"You have to follow the directions on this map," the King replied, giving the maps to Evelyn and Reyna.
"You should sleep to prepare for the trip tomorrow," said the Princess

The next day
They both carried backpacks that contained preparations for the trip
"We both go first," they both said
"Good luck," answered the king

They passed through the forest, on the way they met a squirrel who could speak human.
"I am a messenger from the royal princess to give you a stick," said the squirrel
"Said the princess, use this stick when fighting the queen," continued the squirrel
"All right, thank you," said Evelyn
"You're welcome, good luck," replied the squirrel, leaving the two girls behind

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