First earth chapter 2

3년 전


“Maha Okeke you must keep good grades and stay out of trouble!”
Her dad sounded stern but she knew he was scared something bad would happen. She was going to the other side of the world after all.
Her mum was smiling through tears with her youngest brother on her hip.
“I’ll be fine dad and I promise to work hard.”
“Maha!” Her baby brother reached for a hug. She squeezed him tight and then both her parents.
“I have to go or I’ll miss my flight!”


Maha shook herself out of her daydream, she had to focus on her thesis but the weather was so nice today. She sighed while staring out the window at the sea. What other university lets you have an ocean view in the library?!
She had chosen to do most of her schooling back home in Nigeria but wanted to finish the last 2 years at UBC because she felt it would offer the best career options.
Just as she was regaining her focus someone tripped over a chair while entering the library.
Maha stared at the man with jet black hair, golden skin, and shocking blue eyes. She couldn’t tell what his heritage was but it worked out well.
As he stood and dusted himself off he finally looked up and say Maha staring at him.
“Are you ok?” Maha finally asked.
“Uh, yeah”
Caleb walked towards Maha, her amber eyes appeared to glow against her inky skin. She had a proud nose with a full figure. Today she had chosen to wear a white, sleeveless crop top, colourful striped pants with a few strings of beads around her waist. She also had blue turquoise plugs in her earlobes that contrasted her skin to good effect.
“I’m Caleb” his hand was stretched towards her.
“Maha” she replied shaking his hand.
“May I sit with you while I wait for a friend?”
“Of course” Maha gestured to the chair across from her and turned off her holoscreen.
“Can I ask where you are from? Your accent sounds Nigerian.”
Maha got a big smile.
“You are correct sir. I wanted to come to UBC for more cultural experience while I finished my Ph.D. I was working on my thesis when you tripped.”
Caleb laughed. “My bad. That’s what I get for trying to walk and read at the same time.”
Professor Bhamra cleared his throat, standing just inside the doorway.
Caleb and Maha looked over to see who was there.
“Professor! I’ll be right there.”
He leaned over and tapped his bracelet the silver cuff on Maha’s wrist. Winking at Maha he said, “It was lovely meeting you, send me a copy of your thesis when you’re done yeah?”
He jogged over to the professor.
“Flirting?” He asked with a raised eyebrow.
Caleb shrugged. “I want to know what her thesis is about”

Maha shook her head with a smile and checked the details he sent her.
“Caleb Johnson…. Why does your name seem familiar? Nevermind I have to finish my thesis.”
She brought her holoscreen back up. The title at the top of the document read Using Laser Refraction to Read and Encode Data on Common Semi-Precious Minerals.

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