Least place in United States where people in communities would talk about violence from Satellite beams is Washington DC area.

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Eastern VA. , eastern Maryland, and Delaware would be the least place in United States where people would talk about people using satellite beams on people in United States because politicians and their families live there.
Noticed the same thing in Hocking county where there are two groups now in a area that's like a no talk zone while people using satellite beams on people is happening. For some reason the normal never happens where the communities of people in Hocking county don't talk about their area being invaded by multiple types of military satellite beams.
Suppose if everyone in Hocking county was in the military and people in this county was keeping quiet not letting people using the satellites know that they know their presents is here while other people that left the county are learning about people operating the satellite remotes or programming artificial intelligence satellite remotes. Why do we pay taxes? Isn't that suppose to be the FBI, Highway Patrol , and Sheriff's job?
Is there going to be people ruling our county , state, and federal governments by using psychological satellite beams and other types of satellite beams on people because they could own a weapon or know someone in the military with such weapon that can't be stopped putting people in fear from saying anything?
Neighbor Michael was working on a garden tractor yesterday at another neighbors house where a man that use to live at that house that was originally from NJ that looked like a character in movie Doomsday Gun where a engineer went to another country to build a long range gun. Michael working uncover for the FAA only gives clues while others are being used for target practice.

These military satellites can cross any boundary and harm unlike any other type of weapon that leaves evidence . OSU hospital and Franklin county corner learned a science somewhere , where they can prove death from a military satellite beam.
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