Lightweight Armor

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Living in Hocking county watching Television a person would believe the whole world is United States friend (Seems like every time I use the word peace is used . The guidance system for peace keeper missile is brought out). People here are interested in lightweight armor that military satellite beams won't penetrate through.
United States military has been developing and manufacturing lightweight armor for over 35 years for their machines that protect people living in United States and the armor keeps getting lighter and stronger that military satellites built today won't penetrate through.
This lightweight armor that the people in Hocking county need now for covering a roof on a house and siding for walls on the house and buildings because the structures already built can't support the weight of heavy armor. Same with every other building in Hocking county which needs lightweight armor.

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Wouldn't every other country in the world want lightweight armor also? Why would United States government , England government, and Russian government want to use people living in Hocking county for a arms race?

For years and years every thing in Hocking county has been these military satellites can't be turned off. So the people living here developed techniques to try to steer the military satellites away from themselves and others living in Hocking county without having any control of the satellites guidance.

I'm frighten the day a self contained military satellite is launched in space without a remote on earth because without the help of our human law enforcement and human military we will be doing the same thing trying to steer these satellites away without having any control of the satellite.

Possible there was a line of direction the center of Lynch St, Busch St. and 7th St. in St. Louis to Hocking county ? Taking that location over the house I'm living in on Hildebrandt Rd to line of direction goes to the City of Logan, Ohio Waterworks and City of Logan Maintenance building.
Ocean Beach Pier in Ocean Beach CA to San Diego Unv. to City of Logan Municipal Plant to Gatehouse Dr. Oceanville NJ doesn't go over the house I'm living in.

My neighbor Mike who retired from the City of Logan as being a mechanic could say Mike and Harry Potter was his and they stolen him. Kaycee WY to his house on Hildebrandt Rd and City of Statesville Waterworks to his house on Hildebrandt Rd. Part of his family siblings on TV changed to black and half black. His sibling son is a Cherokee Indian. Mike's best friend Tom is a shorter but looks like a man the was vice president in sales at NERI . He's a retired equipment operator for ODOT. The person he looks like had a bass fishing show on TV in the 90's. Their original satellite didn't claim the fame because didn't talk and wasn't a receiver . Most people believed the satellite was connected to a thermal imaging camera. Sort of like what bass fisherman use.
His best friend Tom siblings had the satellite called Marblehead. Didn't have to talk loudly to the receiver but the satellite had artificial intelligence that was a talk back because towers weren't used then and only military aircraft could listen to the receiver. A lot has changed in 32 years since that satellite was launched in space. People thought he was in the Michael J Fox family but he wasn't. Tom just had a machine that would talk a persons head off with no medical art capabilities. Some thought the CIA used the satellite for telling locals in a country that they hired for a mission what to do without being noticed from commercial aircraft Offutt uses that are full of electronic equipment. Tom's satellite transmitter was like talking to a persons sub conscious . Sort of like reading a book to yourself and hearing yourself read. Government spent a lot of money for Tom's satellite and threw the satellite away for some reason. That's why his satellite was called a cat. Cat scan capabilities. Tom carried the beam of the satellite for 10 years while working for ODOT.

Satellites their using in Hocking county now are newer and talk beside a persons ear. Capabilities of distance from space to release voice beside a persons ear. They brought 1000's of people from the reserves 9 years ago. I never served in the military but a big possibilities these type of satellite are used for United States armed forces.

The other type of satellites used in Hocking county I really don't know what their used for .

SAC used Rock river in Illinois for line of directions. Bayshore SC to Aristazabal Island AK and Rubio Mexico to Mark Stay Warren is a couple of directions.

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