Machines from space fooling a persons normal thinking is very dangerous when not aware this is possible.

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Noticed today just about every citizen of Hocking county is aware about machines from space that can send fooling messages to a human or animals .
Before 15 years ago there was incidents from these space machines fooling people in Hocking county where they did things they normally wouldn't do and sometimes life threatening and lost of life because of psychological messaging and these people was unaware such a machine could exist.
Still people in Hocking county are living in houses, driving vehicles , working in buildings, doing business in buildings , and outdoor activities where the machine from space can deliver psychological messaging (subliminal suggestion) and have no where to go when they realize their being targeted.
The government officials in Hocking county hasn't found any state of federal officials that can find where these machines from space are being controlled from to get these machines shut down .
Are there going to be laws with people to enforce the laws to stop people from using machines from space delivering psychological messaging (subliminal messaging) to people in Hocking county , Ohio when noticed? Or should our state and federal government provide each citizen armor because these machines can't be shut off or shut down for unknown reason?
One of the satellites their using is called Tomorrow and another clue was a location of a Ruby Tuesday's in Ohio to a town in Morrow county OH for the flight direction. A realty that use to be located on the corner of Mulberry St. & 2nd St. in Logan had a realtors name for a clue and the owner of the realty's nephew works for the health department & name is the same as a character in movie Music Man. The realtors name was a clue for a secretary's name that worked at a business in Logan that's owners son in law was a double of a man that worked at sewer cleaning , vacuum, sludge dewatering business in Chester county PA. The owners son at the business in Logan is the same name of a General from Logan.
None of these people are psychological analyst for flying satellites. Don't know about the General. The general might not be a real person. A nickname for a satellite because a reel or microphone.
A forester use to do a lot of work with the realty in Logan. He was almost a complete double to a VP in sales for a company that was located in Delaware county PA which the sewer cleaning, vacuum and sludge dewatering company in Chester county bought out. The forester also was a double to a book keeper for another business in Logan. A bass fishing show on TV in the early nineties looked like these three people.
A famous bicyclist that won competitions during the nineties and part of the 2000's was almost a double to a employee that worked for a sludge dewatering company in Delaware county PA.
Must of had over dozen TV show's since 1991 that looked like employees at a sludge dewatering company in Delaware county PA. Possible the former owner might of known somebody in the motion picture business and liked some of his former employees.
Don't know after 1997 if the satellite was used much again. Being a 31 or 32 year old satellite, would believe the satellite would be worn out and maybe a dead star floating in space. The psychological satellites are built to last 30 years. Quite a few satellites used for if a invasion ever happens in United States from United States borders are usually turned off and never used. Always did wonder how often the satellites are turned on and calibrations checked per year. After so many years . Don't know if 35 or 40 years of service for the military. The satellites are auction off by the government and sold to TV stations for weather forecasting. Get to know some of those people that work at SAC and DOD. Probably could get a satellite that was almost never used at auction .
I don't know how old Northrop Grumman, Martin, and Boeing's satellites that they privately own.
Others started blaming the fame because of a military satellite that was artificial intelligence that some called half a head that stayed on one person for 6 years. Didn't use towers back then and use aircraft if wanting to listen in to the person communicating with the artificial intelligence. Person that monitor/analyst that satellite didn't know the persons name he was using the satellite on. Knew the person probably wasn't very happy listening to voices all the time.
Some people decided to do the same with again , not exactly with a half a head. With artificial intelligence with a vacuum & metal detector, and effects human body's functions also . With towers available now to use these people have the option to listen in and put communication on TV. Gives a lot of subliminal suggestion also.
Who ever these people are have been flying other satellites setup in the same fashion in Hocking county also. Seems like someone is using a unman aircraft remote too in Hocking county and another vacuum and metal detector.
Hocking county has had crowds of people visiting the county everyday for 9 years since . Been a real tourist attraction.
Town called Botkin has been famous in Ohio for over 40 years. Was considered a satellite that could be purchased by cash money to be aimed at anyone at your choice. Washington State has a town called Bothell. Buy Bothell to hang and dry. Other names starting with Bot around United States. Never mention Suitland MD. That poisons.

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