Who are these analyst visiting Hocking county and why do they have alot of interest here?

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Noticed after 2000 in Hocking/Vinton counties in Ohio they were using a satellite camera with a global position speaker ( How a beam from space can drop down to earth at any altitude and give out voice and any other type of sound like a radio speaker . I don't have a clue. Number of satellites in space that transmit voice or any other type of sounds is greater in number than receivers that collect voices and other types of sounds from earth.
Looking around in the world on google earth on the computer and understand why a transmitter and receiver would be very useful with a camera. Viewer notice something of interest in a country viewing has the option to learn what their viewing in more depth.
Probably have 100's of people in a building with that being their only job everyday . Some believe artificial intelligence has been trained to do the same thing so less people are needed to look around in the world everyday.
United States requires a analyst to operate such equipment with at least one hand on the equipment at all times with a camera on the analyst logging information and time the equipment is being used. Wonder if these analyst have people standing close by to take over when the analyst have to go to the bathroom or take a break for lunch or something?
The remote off base system is connected to a foreign stock exchange. A answers from the targeted person in United States will determine whether the price of the stock goes up or down. Movie The Assassins . Problem might make the case be Dept. of Treasury instead of FBI.

What's been happening in Hocking county Ohio with these satellites being used. Can't imagine satellite flight time with these machines being logged while a camera on the analyst. Be a little too easy to catch the person using satellites in Hocking county if that was the case.
There is a computer room in this building with a room next to the computer room that stores the logs from satellite flights .
Before satellites are put in space. The equipment usually is tested by using aircraft.

Since our government is going to use these type of satellites in United States by federal, state and local law. Citizens in United States will be learning about these analyst and these satellites with explanation when the satellites get used.
In Hocking county , I talked to the sheriff, FBI, and Highway Patrol and still never yet gave me reason why these satellites are being used in Hocking county and who order to have these satellites used in Hocking county. They always act like someone is listening in and don't want to verbally (talk loudly) say anything. For some reason they can't writes anything down to tell anything either.

Lawmen wouldn't make very good witness's in court because they absolutely have told nothing. So while under oath in court . I couldn't say the Sheriff, FBI, or Highway patrol knew about these invading in Hocking county.

Capabilities of each satellite is kept in this building and Washington DC. There are 4 buildings used in United States and two buildings that only operate a certain type of satellite.

Don't know anything about airport radar (metal detectors) or weather satellites. Where those buildings are in United States and elsewhere in the world.

For some reason people in eastern Nebraska been having problems with unusual taste in water supplies and bottle water.

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