Henry and Jenny become Husband and Wife.


“Gooooooooooooood Morning!” screamed Henry upon waking.

His whole house is shaking, thought Henry in a panic. Shaking so bad he thought the walls would cave in before he could get outside.

Quickly grabbing his wallet, Henry hightailed it out of his house. The safest place he could think of was Jenny's house. Jenny, he hoped, lived far enough away from whatever was going on. If she was safe then he would have a safe place too.

While running to Jenny's, pillars kept slamming down around him. Never in his life had he seen anything like this before. The pillars were in colors of blue, green, and tan.

He didn't know where they were coming from! Why on his day off was his quiet world invaded by things that wanted him dead?

He ran faster than he ever knew possible. Jenny and safety first on his mind.

Luckily Jenny's house was safe. Henry, in tears now from being scared and running for his life, pounded on her front door.

Luckily Jenny's house was safe. Henry, in tears now from running for his life, pounded on her front door.

Poor Jenny woke up to the loud pounding. It took her a while to realize the sound was coming from her front door. Grabbing her clothes she ran to the door to see a frantic Henry.

He saw his beautiful Jenny. So relieved, Henry started babbling.

"My house is caving in!"

"Pillars are falling from the sky!"

"I was almost killed a gazillion times on my way here!"

"Jenny, I don't know what to do!"

Jenny stood there in disbelief watching Henry walking in circles on his 6 legs. Mumbling and grumbling about what happened to him this morning. Why he had come to see her.

Jenny, always the practical one decided Henry must have been seeing things. Maybe he woke up to a bad dream?

"Pillars don't fall from the sky, Henry," Jenny said. "Your house is in a safer place than mine. Are you sure you didn't just have a bad dream?"

Henry stopped in his tracks and was very sad Jenny didn't believe a word he said.

Jenny decided the best course of action was for both to go back and see what was going on. She made breakfast for both of them which helped calm Henry down. All men feel better with a full tummy then not, Jenny thought.

Heney was not keen on the idea of going back to his house. He explained to Jenny he felt it would be a great idea if he just moved in with her. Jenny's eyes almost popped out of her head!

"Let's go check on your house first, " Jenny said.

On the way to Henry's house, they noticed all kinds of new plants surrounding Henry's home. Rainbows and a huge yellow sun now surrounded the area where Henry lived.

Pathways and a swing where in view too. Fairy lights hung from small trees freshly planted. It was beautiful to look at unless you were an ant.

If you were ant's like Henry and Jenny, a new community garden was not a welcome sight. The pillars Henry had seen were human legs walking around, shaking the ground. Jenny knew now what needed to be done.

Jenny looked into Henry's eyes and said, "Yes, I will marry you."

Henry almost had a heart attack. Where did that come from? He didn't want to be married and then.....he realized what he had said upon arriving at Jenny's that morning. He knew his goose was cooked.

"You know it's not going to be safe here with so many people around," Jenny said. "they will be digging and walking around. Soon you will be taken by surprise. It is just a matter of time and you're going to die."

"Tomorrow we will take another day off of work. My Uncle Ant will marry us at my house," Jenny stated.

Walking back to Jennys, Henry kept reminding himself what a great cook she was...

The End

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Brilliant ... poor Henry, though!



yeah, I kind of feel sorry for him :D

Thank You!

Watch out Henry, you're in for it. :D Excellent post, grats!


Thanks :D it's all I could think of LOLL

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Awww! So cute! Now they can be safe together.

I will never forget the first movie that completely traumatized one of my kid. My older daughter who is 21 now was about six years old at the time. We watched Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. The kids in the movie get shrunk down to minuscule size. And they befriend an ant that is so much bigger than them, they can ride on him.

But in a sad turn of events, the ant has a terrible battle with a scorpion, is stung, and dies. My daughter was inconsolable! She cried for hours. It was devastating. So, even the tiniest lives can be large and important in our hearts.


So, even the tiniest lives can be large and important in our hearts.

I so agree with this!!! HUGS

Too cute!!!

Now, we need an artist LOL


I wish I could draw. I really do!!

Thank You!

@snook I loved your story, I was trying to figure out what Henry was, an ant never crossed my mind.


awwwwww Thanks :D

Hello lovely lady! :D

Another fantastic story, but I did wonder, when did Janie and Jenny merge? :D Just teasing, there's a small typo in the paragraph with the jello mold where you changed Jenny to Janie. :D We've all done that at some point I'm sure. :D LOL. :D

I'm looking forward to your future stories, they always make me smile and take me on an adventure. :D

God bless you and your wonderful family. :D Have an awesome day my fabulous friend! :D


there was typo's LOLL

I tried to fix them but now it seems to take a while before the fixes "take"

so happy I could make you smile!!

Thank You!


LOL, I'm sure you've got them all fixed up now. :D

I appreciate that my cheek muscles get a great workout when I visit you, LOL! :D

You're welcome lovely lady! :D

God bless you and yours. :D

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Hi, I got a twitter notification suggest to follow, I wonder if it is because I started using the Brave Browser. Anyway I thought I'll check you out on Steemit. So glad I did, what a great story I just read.

Following you on both platforms.


Thank You!!! I wonder why too.
sorry I am late returning your comment....
it's been a heck of the last 5 days for me.

Thank You for the kind words on my story!!!!