The Big Bird

8개월 전

My big bird, I have my reasons for that. But what are the other reasons?"

The first reason is obvious: I just wanted to write a book about it.

"As for the second reason," said I, "it was something that I started doing as a kid, and it continued all the way into my teenage years and into my early twenties. That was when he said: 'Don't say anything and see what happens.'" As he was speaking, the bird started to move, and, as he kept moving, I realised I was seeing that the bird was beginning to die.

"Well," said the bird, "your father's just finished taking care of you. Don't worry about everything else."

"Well," I said, "it seemed like he was making himself look after me; that he knew I was dying. I'm not sure if I can get into heaven on my own. All my friends do. What I can really ask from him. 'If you know that we're dying, you need to take care of us.' He said that with that voice. And after that I thought he knew a lot."

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That was an interesting post. I didn't find it to be convincing, though it wasn't surprising.

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And you can only play them in the round robin format. Not the knockout rounds. Not even the quarterfinals of the tournament in Beijing. Maybe you should try them with the quarterfinal match being decided in the knockout round rather than the top two.

GSC Profile Joined April 2005 Finland 647 Posts #6 I thought my other suggestion was already a good one at least for the Korean qualifier.

I did play a few matches though with him. He seemed pretty strong.

Still waiting for the rest of these tournaments and their finals, hopefully I'll get my chance to do it! :D

Well, if you play, you do. I played this on ladder and the first match he won, beat myself. And then he won, too, beat myself. He seemed the strongest on ladder but I couldn't win so I felt a little weird. He doesn't seem very smart with the unit, but he does have experience.

I was pretty happy with him but then he got upset with some really stupid things at some points and then got pretty mad... he did some amazing work during the second and third matches, too, but he played on ladder and I lost my chance. He probably didn't realize he would win.

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