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Thunderbird and Kid is a Steemit exclusive comicbook about a boy and his magical professional wrestling doll.

Previously on Thunderbird & Kid, Jacky Wong revealed to Kid the truth about the magical wrestling dolls. An evil wizard trapped the body and soul of five wrestlers in the land of Kayfabia: Thunderbird, Golden Jones, Jacky Wong, Buzzsaw, and Super Cool. The wizard cloned the souls of these wrestlers. The soul-clones were sent to a Chinese toy factory, Newb. Corp., where they were placed inside wrestling dolls, then shipped to America where they were sold to the public throughout the 1980's.

Each soul-clone trapped inside a wrestling doll desires to be freed from the doll and reunited with its original soul. This can only be accomplished by going to Kayfabia and killing the wizard. But before Jacky Wong and Kid go to Kayfabia they must rescue Thunderbird. Golden Jones and Billy the Bully have offered to help. . .tb ink 14 PG1 jpg.jpg

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The wagon was my favorite frame.

Did you catch the typo?
"Why aren't you two going to Kayfabia?"

Steemit fans don't really mind, but a book publisher might.


Good catĉh! I fixed it 😎. Had to work late to find time to get this one done. We hope a publisher will love us someday 😄Thanks!

OOooo the suspense! I'm excited to see what happens! Still suspicious of Golden Jones and the other kid, maybe they'll work out as a team maybe not...😯


Golden Jones is a man with his own agenda. That much we know.

When Kid is on his bike pulling the wagon does he have the weight of the doll or the full size Golden Jones. Looked like he was struggling! Of course Golden Jones is just chilling back not helping.


The dolls decided to be full size while Kid was pulling them in the wagon. They probably enjoy the wind hitting their skin, unfortunately for Kid.

looking forward for the continuation ! cuz it looks like someone is gonna get a hurt real bad =P


Someone is definitely getting hurt next issue. That much, I can promise.

Dun dun duuuuunnnnn... Totally need a button for that at the end of each comic ;-)


Lol. We gotta keep everyone coming back for more!

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