A Crime In Lowercity: Part 1

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The synths are a body of artificial intelligence robots, made from flesh and blood. Don’t be fooled though. What might appear human on the outside, truly underneath is the work of machinery. The outside is merely an illusion.

Originally, the machines were created to serve the humans and other allied worlds. Nearly a millennium has passed since then, a whole new line of synths, far more intelligent, and adaptable than before, followed. The galaxy is in turmoil, many aligned worlds feel like their way of life is being threatened by synths.

Our local districts are already getting weary. The streets are becoming more dangerous by the day as protests and rioters ruin our homes unimpeded. We cannot allow any further destruction, it will not be tolerated.

But you already knew this and are probably wondering why I’ve called you here. You see, we have an issue. A synth of ours has gone rogue. This is not acceptable, it is your job to find this synth and take it out. If you can bring it back intact then perhaps we can figure out what went wrong and fix it. If not, your first priority is to use whatever means possible to eliminate the target.

It’s early morning, the train is full. This unit does its best not to make any direct eye contact with the humans. Most of them have a certain disdain in their eyes, it would be best not to deal with it.

Afterall, conflict with the humans is not within this units programming. If circumstances allowed, this could be considered a funny paradigm as given the fact this units main duties as a synth are the elimination of other synths who’re defective and more often than not, hostile towards living bio-organics.

They’re not human though and so there is no conflict. The humans, however, do not like synths. For many centuries people have been very skeptical of robots being a part of everyday life. A lot of people feel as if robots are a threat to their existence. It’s quite absurd.

In any case, mornings are like this all the time. Move from one place to the next, get the same glares and comments underneath the breath. It doesn’t make a difference, This units programming lacks the ability to feel any kind of empathy towards human behavior and emotion. This units designation, damage control, it’s what the humans call it, unit number 1173265.

“Goddammit, where is that coffee I ordered?”

“Coming right up sir”, another replied.

“Swear there isn’t a single thing that can go right within this damned department.” All around him devices flickered and rang like it was the end of the world.

“Hello, HELLO!" The man bellowed as he frustratingly leaped from one device to another. “Yes? Mhmm, okay right away ma’am we’ll have someone come down there and take a look.”

“Sir, you have someone waiting for you outside …Sir?”


"Sir Henry is here…"

“Send him in.”

A man above average height walks into the room. His body masqueraded by the ambiance of the dimly lit room.

“Are we living in a cave?” He said in a homely tone.

“Henry it’s been so long since I’ve seen you. Please come sit down, would you like something to drink?” He replied with a nod that suggested otherwise.

“Are you sure? You haven’t gone stiff on me now have you?”

“Of course not, my doctor says I need to stop… says my liver won’t recover if I don’t.”

There was a moment of pause in the room.

“Why is it is blindingly dark in here?” Henry asked a little irritated.

“They fucked up the lighting again, here, have a look for yourself.” The man swung open the blinders that covered a large window behind him. Light poured in revealing a dust-caked room. It did not look healthy at all. Nor did the man behind the desk answering one call after the next.

“Good god you look awful!” He stumbled on awful, a bit shocked to see his friend in his current state. His eyes were dark red, white bags underneath his lids. He looked flushed and pale, probably hadn’t had a decent nights sleep in some time. The captain didn’t respond.

“Hey, are you still with me?” The man behind the desk slowly regain consciousness and veered toward Henry’s position. The devices within the room continued to ring. The sounds didn’t seem to phase Henry as his attention was fixated on his friend who he was concerned about.

“You need to get some sleep. Here come with me, don’t worry about everything here I’ll fill in for you while you’re away.”

"No, no I can’t let you do that", he replied.

“I insist. You need to get better.”

He grumbled and sat, shifting himself from side to side in an uncomfortable manner.

“FINE! But only until I’ve recovered, after that I’ll need you back at your station.”

“Yes, Captain”, he replied. “It’s good to see you, Henry, I don’t know what I would do without you.”

“It’s good to see you too David.” The captain got up from his chair and slowly made his a way to the door. Without any hesitation, he left and the room fell silent.

Stay tuned for part 2

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This has a real Blade Runner vibe to it... curious to see where you take this story.


I love Blade Runner. I think you'll find as you read subsequent posts to follow. There might be more similarities to other science fiction stories mainly because I draw a lot of inspiration from them. However I have a pretty distinct idea for how I want this story to evolve and I hope it makes it stand out. :)

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I accept :)