Peace Offering

3년 전

“Here.” The soldier held out the bottle, his face sweaty in the midday sun. “Want some?”

Dani backed away, eyeing the soldier’s gun. “You first.”

Dropping the gun, the soldier took a sip. “See?”

Dani grabbed the bottle and gulped. Fresh water trickled down his throat.

He smiled. “Thank you.”

This is my entry to the 50 Word Challenge, hosted by @jayna.

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Pretty good 50 words.


Thank you!

Great short! Kind making me thirsty.


Thank you! And you're not the only one...

"Necesity [chance] is painted bald", we say over here. But it times of war and crisis trust is in high demand. Good story, @alheath.


Indeed. Sharing water is such a symbolic gesture of friendship, and a means of survival. Thank you!

Really nice, @alheath. You put us right there in that desperate and dramatic moment when -- as much as Dani wants the water -- he needs to trust first.


Thank you! Even in times of conflict, basic needs have a way of bringing us together.

Nice to see the side of a soldier that isn't the supposed inhuman killing machine.


Thank you! Soldiers are people too. I like to think they'd want their own loved ones to be shown the same compassion.

These are sexy and fab =)


Thank you, but you need to get out more.

This is magnificent and sleek, friend.


Thank you!