3년 전

“Danny?” Timmy rubbed his eyes. “Help me.”

Daniel lay back on his bed. “It’s your homework. Leave me alone.”

“Please? I can’t spell witch.”

Daniel rose over Timmy’s shoulder. The page was crumpled and smudged.

It was almost nine. Taking Timmy’s pencil, he sat down.

“Come here. Let’s look together.”

This is my entry to the 50 Word Challenge, hosted by @jayna. The prompt this week was Pumpkin.

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Uncomplicated and simple. Nice to see Daniel have patience with his younger brother or son in the end and help him out.


Thank you!

Ah, what a sweet story, @alheath. Or is this a continuation of a larger story?


Thank you! This is a standalone story, at least for now.


But you'll forgive me for nudging you. :-)


Of course. Little nudges make big pushes, and I've benefited a lot from those!